Person Who Hacked Dana White, UFC.com Supposedly a 13-Year-Old Australian

The person claiming to have hacked Dana White’s personal information and the UFC’s website supposedly is a 13-year-old boy from Australia.

Softpedia interviewed the person who goes by the online alias S3erver.exe. The hacker is part of the Anonymous hacking group and says he began hacking when he was 11. He says he is self-taught and that he has learned many tricks by reading information online.

Though it appears as if his actions are nefarious, he sees it another way, saying “I like helping out people who are in trouble.”

He says apart from the hacking, he does pretty typical kid activities like skating, surfing, scooting, and building things. Though he hacks sites now, he is planning to take an ethical hacking class and potentially work as an ethical hacker in the future.

It’s hard to know whether this is the person who hacked the UFC site and Dana White (@JoshtheGod was taking credit for the hacks), but it’s certainly interesting to learn about the people who claim to be responsible for the acts. And if this is true, it’s sad to think that at 13 I was trying to figure out how to use hair gel while this kid was taking down major corporations.

H/T Cage Potato

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    My friends three year old can name all the players on the Vancouver Canuck roster.  He also know certain players that have been traded in the last three years.  The KID is  three years old people.  Potty trained at 16 months the KID  can play golf and skate at three years old.   He will be in the  world juniors  hockey championship I 100 percent guarantee it.  Kids get smarter every year.