Rob Parker fired by ESPN

rob-parkerRob Parker’s comments questioning Robert Griffin III’s blackness have finally cost him his job. ESPN announced on Tuesday that they would be firing the “First Take” host.

Here’s the company’s statement on the matter:

“Rob Parker’s contract expired at year’s end. Evaluating our needs and his work, including his recent RGIII comments, we decided not to renew his deal.”

Parker said on “First Take” Dec. 13 that he wasn’t sure what kind of brother Griffin was. He questioned the quarterback’s blackness, and the episode re-aired throughout the day on ESPN without that part being edited out of the show. As the backlash picked up throughout the day, ESPN finally addressed the comments by calling them “inappropriate.

ESPN suspended Parker and at least one producer from the show, and then announced Tuesday they decided not to bring back Parker.

In his first extended comments since being suspended, Parker expressed very little remorse for his Griffin remarks. Parker blamed others for his RG3 comments, and then he said the public took his comments out of context. Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand says ESPN made the decision to fire Parker before the host’s interview with Click on Detroit.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/shane.kindel.7 Shane Kindel

    typical, blames others for HIS comments. Go away.

  • blackkettle1

    What are you doing Rob? Running for office. Own up to it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4YPVO4EPCJUMNT5DLJXQSIDBKY Scott

    Wow figured he would get his own ESPN show like Stephen A Smith

  • billybigbuks

    dat ugly mug not meant 4 tv n-e way

  • CaliMoFo7

    It’s a lousy show anyways.  Every once in a while I will switch over to First Take during the commercials of the Dan Patrick Show.  I always regret it and change it back to the commercials.

    Not that Parker was all that great, but he’s better off without it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KGEKZA7UKOXDWDA4ROKWFFCSFM radioreddz

    what would this country bumpkin know anyway. another classless clown working for espn. all these suited clowns think they are so clean and informative big time baffoons many can’t even speak english they need a zoo for guys like this and the many espn clowns that hang themsleves with there own tongues. put them all in the same cage with jerry sandusky high on vigra.

  • ecfloydjr

    If you are intelligent,articulate,and wear a belt, that makes you not Black enough !

  • luckylarry777

    This country is getting way to damn sensative about everything. So what if he said something many did not like. It was his opinion and he looked stupid for saying it. This kind of meaningless error or skewed point of view does not justify loosing your job. Why must people demand a person be fired or boycott a business because they had a different point of view?Perhaps we should concentrate on being less vindictive and more understanding. After all forgiveness is the greatest gift of all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/philip.boitos Philip Boitos


  • joe donahue

    skip bayliss needs to be fired but hes the white racist so hes safe.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_77EIHBT3VOKNXCCJLOOKMAYBVU Believer

    I heard the comments live, and ESPN acts like they want to talk about sensitive subjects then back away when they do.  Rob should have kept the ”Barbershop talk…in the barbershop.  There are many blacks once they so-call make it. (money) that do think they are now white and will deny their obvious blackness.  Language has nothing to do with it, hell I see these beltless ass rappers who cant speak a formal sentence who also think they have made it and wont relate to the very people that helped make their demented asses rich.  Rob should have explained himself better or should have shut his damn mouth.  I do know that he was right about Tiger Woods, he should have left it with ”uncle tom tiger” who denies he is not black….HA!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_77EIHBT3VOKNXCCJLOOKMAYBVU Believer

    If First Take doesnt watch it, many of their people will get fired, Stephen Smith used the N word but they let that go because he was demeaning blacks.  Hell I heard the bastard say it.  But as long as you keep white folks out of it then its cool.  Parker was fired because he associated Griffin’s white girl friend with his comment.  Had it been left on Griffin…they wouldnt say a damn thing.  But again Parker was a big mouth ignorant ass fool to even bring such a subject up on the airways.

  • Capybara91

    I’m here to question Rodgers’s whiteness. He tosses those token fluff passes to Kuhn and Nelson but we all know that when the mess goes down, it’s always Finley or Cobb or Jennings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.bailiff.7 John Bailiff

    wow all the things people say after one man gives an opinion so parker said what he thought i hear lots of comments i disagree with but free speach is something we in america have a right too should we punish some one because they make a comment i so no in some countrys they are punished even imprisoned iam a person who says what i think some people dont agree with me on some of my thoughts so they have a right to stay away from me or shun me if iam on tv i guess i would get fired but thank god i have my own businese and i would have too fire myself freedom of speach thats our  right we are blessed to live in this great country and all of us should thank god were blessed to live here no matter how or where we came from your all welcome in my barber shop lets all do one thing respect each other

  • mhearns1

    Yeah because only whites are racist.

  • joe donahue

    i dont know about that,but he certainly is.

  • JustWonderin2

    Yo… Have you ever been told how to use the “Shift” key? And what those little marks just to the right of the letter “M” are for?

  • Doc Savage

    The biggest racists in this country are not wearing white faces.  Can we begin calling a spade a spade concerning this?  Oops.

  • Doc Savage

     Huh?  Do you actually watch football?

  • Doc Savage

     The race-peddler in the, ah, White House sets the tone.  All black males look as though they could be his sons . . . according to him.  Have at it, Barack, and, oh, pass the canapes.

  • Doc Savage

     They are not [what you claimed] for firing another ill-spoken, you know, black intellectual, they are [what you claimed] in general.

  • Doc Savage

     doo-dah, doo-dah . . . .

  • hootconway

    Arrogance from being exposed to other arrogant people multiplies in every career and particularly with athletics; lets face it most of the people in sports broadcasting, playing, etc; don’t have a complete education that would warrant them to speak to millions of people intelligently. I’m a former coach and I can truthfully say “I are ONE”

  • muchotakeiteasy

    It’s a relief that you have your own “businese” because I don’t think you would advance to far in the world with your limited grammar, spelling, and overall diction.  Try using a few commas and periods in your post….mix in a few capital letters while your at it John Bailiff. 

  • Chris Ward

    You do understand that “freedom of speech” only applies to the goverment’s ability to censor it right?  Has nothing to do with a private organization or a company and what they deem acceptable and not acceptable.  i get so tired of hearing and reading people make comments about “freedom of speech” in the wrong venue.  And another thing, Parker did have the freedom to say whatever he wanted, and his employer has the freedom to fire him, or rather, not give him another contract after his has expired, if they determine that his comments were detrimental to the success of their business

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SQ3CEGW32AEGGM6SJ3D4UY5AKU E B

    I don’t get Rob’s infatuation with RGIII.  Many black pros marry white women.  Strip the money and many of them could not attract flies.  The psycho-socio-economics dynamics behind this phenomenon has been written about by smarter people and the black community has given up on men rich black men who marry white.  How come he doesn’t discuss that from an academic perspective and name others than just RGIII.  I figure hw would get his butt whipped. 

  • Mattcampbell62

    I thought Rob explained himself quite clearly. I don’t think there was a viewer who misunderstood anything he said or what he meant.

  • Mattcampbell62

    Rob could have said that on FOX news, but ESPN is a sports network. Rob should have stuck closer to the subject matter for which he was hired and paid. Personally I was extremely offended by his biased and hateful remarks towards a first class individual.

  • Mattcampbell62

    Is it true that President Obama received over 93% of the African American vote? I don’t believe any one race has voted so lopsidedly for a presidential candidate. Historic! Based on this statistic it is clear that our president received the racist vote.

  • Mattcampbell62

    Millions of individuals just like Rob have been allowed to say anything they want regardless of how offensive it might be. It is a shock when there are any conquences. It is good that ESPN isn’t walking on eggshells over some backwards political corectness garbage. I will be watching ESPN more often.

  • Mattcampbell62

    I think RGIII’s perceived political persuasion was the motivation for Robs absurd attack.

  • Mattcampbell62

    Robs political and personal opinion was inappropriate for the purpose of ESPN programming, wouldn’t you say? It isn’t over sensitive to be offended by distasteful and innapropriate commentary. Rob was grossly unprofessional with his biased and hateful comments. Perhaps Rob should have been less vindictive and more understanding of RGIII. Works both ways Larry.

  • Mattcampbell62

    Philip, you seem strangely alot like Rob.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VSJSHO2JSP3C2NXR22LWMR2EEE Nole Chance

    It is all good because he didn’t loose his job he LOST it…lmao…must be a union worker from Michigan…c’mon admit puss boy!

  • bigev44

    The interesting thing is that ESPN fires him, but Michael Wilbon, who is as big a racist as there is is safe because he makes a lot of money for ESPN> Years ago  on Tony Kornheisers radio show in D.C. he said the Seinfeld show wasn’t any good because it didn’t have a leading black character. What is the difference between the racist remarks

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.bailiff.7 John Bailiff

    does it say anything about my being an english major go f  your self thats freedom of speach mr perfect

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/C77ZBMN2LQDBXYMSV53TE7CP4Y JS

    Ah the old, “taken out of context” excuse.  We all heard you say it on the show you dumbass.  How were you taken out of context?  Why is this country so full of pussies who can’t accept responsibility when they say something stupid.  I see politics in Rob’s future.  He already has the blaming everyone but himself part down.

  • clarkwendelsghost

    Selling his mothers panties out of her basement doesn’t qualify as owning a ”businese”.

  • Bill M

    As a white man this makes me sick. If ESPN doesn’t want the subject of racism talked about then it simple… QUIT BRINGING IT UP!!! Somehow, someway it is always brought up. And for some reason the show has completely lost focus since Jay Crawford left. Instead of debating it seems more fighting and arguing.  Spend more time trying to impress Carrie Champion than the subject at hand. I know people will jump all over my comments but that’s how I feel. Also Its easy to jump all over someone and insult them when they are from different parts of the country and not face to face.

  • srv2963

    I am a Mexican American  and feel that i am not racist  have experienced racism but i will tell you what ….since Obama became president 4 years ago it seems like every black person in this country have become obsessed to speak whatever they have on their mind,, whether it is right or wrong,, act like they are above any kind of criticism and if you say anything that disagrees with them YOU ARE A RACIST!!!!! just because the president is HALF BLACK doesn’t give every black person the right or privilege to say or do whatever you want!!!!!!!!