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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Anderson Silva suggests Steven Seagal’s influence on him overstated

Steven Seagal has been credited for being an influence on Brazilian MMA superstar Anderson Silva, but Silva downplayed how much of an impact the actor has had on his successful fighting career.

Steven Seagal Anderson SilvaSilva made his comments in English during a recent interview with Whoa! TV.

“Steven Seagal is good man. He no coach, no train me, but he is good man. He is a good person. That’s it,” Silva told Whoa! TV.

Silva was asked about supposedly being taught by Seagal how to do the front kick used to knock out Vitor Belfort.

“I trained front kick for a long time,” Silva said. “I started to train martial arts a long time ago. Steven Seagal showed me the movement, the little movement. I working hard on this kick for a long time in my life.”

This sort of matches what Silva said after the fight. Silva said after beating Belfort that Seagal helped him perfect the kick. Regardless, the friendship/association between the two became a popular subject matter for the future.

Seagal talked Silva up a whole bunch prior to Silva’s rematch with Chael Sonnen. He even got Silva a role in a police movie.

Despite all the hype surrounding the relationship, Brazilian fighter Demian Maia called it all a lie. The connection between Silva and Seagal might not be a lie, but if Anderson’s words are any indication, Seagal is not as much of an influence on the Brazilian’s career as we had been led to believe.

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