Dana White apologized to GSP, admitted he won the fight

Georges St-Pierre UFC 167After calming down from his hissy fit, Dana White called Georges St-Pierre to apologize for ripping the champion and admitted to the Canadian fighter that he indeed beat Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 two weeks ago.

GSP’s trainer, Kristof Midoux, conducted an interview with the Quebec Journal recently and told them White called St-Pierre the morning after the fight to apologize.

“Few people know it, but the next morning he (White) called George and told him ‘I’m sorry, I watched the fight again and you have indeed won. I spoke under the influence of emotion,'” Midoux told The Journal.

“George told him he did not worry, he understood. He owes nothing to anyone, he fought all his life. ”

Though GSP took the apology well, Midoux is not satisfied. He says if he were GSP, he’d ask White to make a public apology. Midoux also says he wants Hendricks drug tested.

You may recall that White reacted so poorly to the GSP-Hendricks decision that he ripped the Nevada State Athletic Commission a new one and caused outraged among fans.

Did White apologize to GSP as lip service to get back in the good graces of his star fighter? Or did he do that because he genuinely believes St-Pierre won? If he really believed St-Pierre won after re-watching the fight, he should say so publicly to set the record straight.

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  • smedrano0206

    It was lip service….GSP lost

  • Hardstiffjab

    I disagree. Mazagatti and Rogan both missed Hendricks tapping in the first round from a choke hold. GSP let it go. It was caught on tape. In the biggest fight of his life Hendeicks was boasting that he was punching with 70% power ??? Why not 100%? Hendricks left the decision of a close fight in the cage and deserved the loss.

  • smedrano0206

    Watch the “tap” in slo-mo….GSP let’s go before Hendricks even touches his leg….and that wasn’t even a proper guillotine choke….no one would submit to that….and maybe he only used 70% so he wouldn’t get tired…it was his first 5 rounder

  • Evan Vanover

    What idiot wrote this? Dana white might of said sorry but he never told George that he watched the fight over and he won. Dana was on live tv 5 days after the fight and stated he hasn’t treat he’s the fight yet.. So this bullshit is false

  • William Edwards

    He may have apologized to George st Pierre but he did not rematch it and think he won