Dana White: Cyborg looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress

Cyborg Justino

Don’t expect Ronda Rousey to be reprimanded by the UFC for calling Cyborg Justino an “it” when the boss of the company has very similar beliefs about the controversial female fighter.

Rousey, who has verbally sparred with Cyborg over the years, took matters even further during a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole. Rousey ripped Cyborg, saying that she could be the end of women’s MMA if she became champion. Rousey also criticized Cyborg for cheating and said all the steroids Cyborg have taken turned her from a woman into an “it.”

Many people felt that comment crossed the line and that the organization should discipline her for it. One MMA apparel company was so incensed over the comment that they offered $5,000 to any fighter who knocks out Rousey.

But UFC boss Dana White is on the same page as Rousey. On Thursday he defended Rousey for the namecalling and even went so far as to say that Cyborg looks like a man.

“She called her an it. [Cyborg] calls Ronda a chicken. Should Ronda be offended at being called a chicken? Grow the f–k up, everybody,” White said Thursday at a press conference in Baltimore ahead of UFC 172, via MMA Fighting.

“I said, when I saw [Justino] at the MMA Awards, she looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels. And she did, did she not? Who wants to dispute that she didn’t look like Wanderlei?” added White.

“She was walking up the stairs, jacked up on steroids beyond belief and looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels.”

Seriously, if you thought what Rousey said was bad, then what do you make of White’s comments? And with White defending Rousey — and we already know Rousey is his favorite — how can you expect any discipline?

This is just the latest example in a series of many unprofessional moments from Dana White.

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  • SherylSimpson

    What is more undisciplined and unprofessional in MMA/the UFC, name-calling or undeniable PED abuse?

  • http://hypebeast.com/ Khartoumi

    LOL@ Sheryl Simpson the armchair PED expert.

  • SherylSimpson

    You can laugh, but you shouldn’t assume, honey. I roomed with a competitve body builder for a year. I also took an upper division class from Terry Todd at the University of Texas. Look him up…he trained Mark Henry to his world power lifting championships. I would bet I know more about it than you do. IF I assumed things…

  • http://hypebeast.com/ Khartoumi

    So then you would know how prevalent PED use is in the wider community and not single out one person.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Tough call, it’s pretty even

  • SherylSimpson

    How does smack talk equate to performance enhancing drug use? Especially when the smack is based in truth. I don’t think this would be as big of an issue if it was a dude talking. If I were a legitimate champion I wouldn’t want to fight an obvious, and it IS obvious, PED user.

  • Baho Puwetmoh

    the “other people do it” excuse is laughable – just like denying cyborg is on a LOT of different illegal drugs is laughable. just look at the picture. that is not genetically natural.