Trainer Claims Fedor Emelianenko Was Hypnotized by Big Foot Silva’s Team

Fedor Emelianenko has widely been considered one of the best MMA fighters in the world, and one of the best of all time.  As you know, he lost to Antonio Big Foot Silva at Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Grand Prix on Saturday — his second straight loss.  When a fighter with Fedor’s reputation loses two straight matches after previously having gone undefeated, people start to wonder.

Silva completely dominated Fedor on Saturday, swelling his eye shut so badly that the doctor stepped in and stopped the fight.  Given the level of respect Fedor has earned in the MMA world, many people were shocked and searching for answers to explain the defeat.  Emelianenko’s trainer, Vladimir Voronov, offered a perfectly reasonable example for the loss on Wednesday — Fedor was hypnotized.

According to a translation by Camel Clutch which has been validated by LBS colleague Diana Klochkova (who writes at “WTF? Panama” check her out here) and Google translator, Voronov told a Russian website that “forbidden psychological technologies,” or hypnosis, were used by Silva’s team and as a result Emelianenko wasn’t himself.  Now, we’ve heard it all.  It’s one thing to make up bogus excuses about losing a fight that have to do with a lack of effort, training, or focus, but pulling the voodoo card?  That borders on insanity.


After the loss, Fedor said he was contemplating requirement.  Is he really thinking about calling it quits, or was he still under the trance?  Someone should catch up with Voronov and ask him how long it took for the hypnosis to wear off so we can get a better idea.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Egemen-Birben/13805080 Egemen Birben

    I think the trainer’s excuse is on the coo coo side. I think the main reason is the mma fighters of today are much skilled nowadays, add the height and weight factor it was perfectly reasonable for Fedor to lose.

    Having said that, I don’t think it means that Fedor has to put his gloves to rest. What he definitely needs to do is to get out of Stary Oskol and start training with different people…perhaps put more technique to his striking, some new brazilian jujitsu moves. I think there is absolutely no doubt that Fedor is the smartest MMA fighter out there and certainly the most mentally strong…so he better start using his head.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Honestly, even though he’s had success against larger men in the past, he shouldn’t be in the same weight division as a guy like Silva. It’s just a mismatch.


    I absolutly agree with the fact that Fedor was(is) way too small to fight guys like Big Foot.Saying that Big Foot is simply bigger would be an euphemism!
    Fedor is way smaller than Anderson”The Spider”Silva,and he walk around at abt the same weight!
    He is a legitimate 205!!!
    The courage and the will to fight that I saw vs BigFoot,make me respect him even more than I use to!
    It was simply incredible,,to survive that second round!Being full mounted by a BJJ black belt guy 50 pounds heavier than you…and getting out of it!You gotta be tough,thats for sure!
    Being 50 pounds heavier is one thing,but a BJJ’s black belt on top of it…
    Even Tito Ortiz look like a giant beside Fedor!

    I’m not a HUGE Fedor’s fan.But I do respect the guy’s accomplishement very much.
    So,IMO,ppls should stop making some Fedor’s bashing,cuz the guy is nothing gut respectfull and humble.
    But his management now…thats another thing!They are mosdef a bunch of douches.And they dont have Fedor’s best interest;they are all abt $$$.

    Hes got a few good fights for us still!And thats in our best interest,US,MMA FANS.