Shocker: Fedor Loses to Werdum

The biggest upset in MMA history occurred on Saturday night in San Jose. Fighting in a co-promoted Strikeforce/M-1 Global card, the greatest heavyweight and fighter in MMA history, Fedor Emelianenko, lost to Fabricio Werdum. To give you an idea of what a stunner this was, I hardly bothered to pay any attention to this fight, figuring Fedor would win and wind up meeting Alistair Overeem for his final fight with Strikeforce. I and many others were proven wrong as Werdum scored a victory for Jiu Jitsu, mastering Fedor on the ground and getting him to tap in the first. Here’s a video of Fedor losing to Fabricio Werdum in San Jose:

Fedor’s official record is now 31-2 but this was really his first true loss. It’s a stunner to be certain, but there isn’t much shame in Fedor losing — it happens to everyone, even the best. Werdum was knocked down but took advantage once he had Fedor on the ground. We’ve seen Fedor escape tricky situations a number of times (see his fight with Hong Man Choi) but this time Werdum got him to submit. Strangely enough, Fedor seemed to be alright with losing for the first time noting that he was uncomfortable with being called a god and idol.

This turn of events certainly mucks up the heavyweight picture in MMA and keeps an eventual Fedor/Brock Lesnar pipe dream fight even further away from happening. I’m guessing it will be either a rematch with Werdum or a fight with Overeem next for Fedor and you can be sure I’ll be all over it next time.

Video Credit: YouTube user adamrst

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  • frankie

    fedor is still a champion in my book . theres a lot of shit talkers out there . the ufc has givin him shit for a long time now but they gotta respect a man whos accomplished as much as fedor . hes always been physically smaller than his opponents and managed to stay undefeated for years against top competition . id love to see brock or carwin vs fedor as much as anybody . even if they beat him that still wouldnt do what he has done . theyd have to go undefeated for the next ten years and i doubt that would happen against top competition. brock 4 -1, carwin 12-0 . fedor 31 -2 …give credit where credit is due .


    Fedor has been a great ambassador for the sport…that guy is a real legend. He really took all challenges and fought hard. Sometimes they say it was luck that he survived some fights where he should have lost. I think, if you are really good, you do what it takes to win…even if sometimes you ride on a little luck… I believe verdum just had that luck in that fight. Fedor just didn’t expect that. I hope he wouldn’t think he’s done coz I wanna see more of his fights…fedor, please fight for guys with big bellies like me…I hope that lose will make you more dangerous next time…Watch out Brock and carwin…I think there would be a russian invasion in the ufc just to shut shit talker’s mouth!!

  • Tony Mkrt

    Fedor and gegard mousasi are my favorite fighters, this was an unfortunate loss for fedor