Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey to fight in December if Carano signs

Gina Carano

Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey will fight in December at UFC 181 in Las Vegas if Carano signs with the UFC, company boss Dana White said Friday in Ireland.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole, the UFC has a meeting with Carano’s representatives on Monday. If the two sides are able to agree to a deal, Carano would be set to face Rousey on Dec. 6 at the Mandalay Bay.

Carano (7-1) has not fought since losing to Cyborg in 2009. She won the first seven fights of her pro career, fighting mostly in the now-defunct EliteXC promotion.

After receiving attention for her fighting, Carano transitioned into movies and has appeared in seven films. She expressed an interest in returning to fighting amid rumors of a potential fight with Rousey.

While Carano was off making movies, Rousey’s MMA career was blossoming.

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Rousey credits Carano for her interest in the sport, which began not too long ago. Following a career as an Olympian judoka, Rousey began doing MMA and had her first pro fight in 2011. She’s annihilated her competition going 10-0 in a little over three years in the sport, winning all but one of her fights in the first round.

While Rousey seems to only be getting better, Carano is returning to the octagon following a five-year absence. This doesn’t set up to be a good matchup for Carano, and we seriously doubt she’ll even be able to present a challenge.

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Still, Rousey wants this fight. Carano wants the fight. The UFC wants the fight. The fans will tune in to watch, regardless of how much of a mismatch it may be. I don’t think the fight is a good idea for Carano, but it will be an interest-generator and money-maker, and that’s what entertainment is all about.

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  • TheOfficer971

    After a five year absence from the ring…you want to talk about “ring rust”. I truly hope Gina seriously considers taking a couple of “tune-up” fights before trying to get with Rousey…and when I suggest tune up fights I’m not talking beginners or push overs, I’m talking contenders that can give Gina a true work out…otherwise I suspect the night of the fight, Rousey would be able to order a pizza and have it delivered, go win the fight and be back in time to eat before the pizza started to get cold….Chucklin’….

  • James M McGuire

    Why would a women so hot , fight an ugly female pit bull.

  • spovalboondocks

    Why does Carano get to vault to #1 contender after a 5 year lay off with no fights under her belt since cyborg loss? Whats the incentive for the other women fighters to continue fighting if you can just take a bunch of time off after a loss, come back when you feel like it, get a title shot. BS Don King style promoting if you ask me.

  • Rik Holets

    yup, I agree.. iI like watching Rousey bang it out in the first round, but I wouldn’t be excited to even watch that..and I definatly wouldn’t PPV it

  • bobcat


  • TexizzBoy

    I love Gina Carano and I hate to see her lose so soon!

  • TexizzBoy

    Because it is a fight people will pay big bucks to see! I agree with you that Gina should not get a shot at the Championship up front. Women’s MMA has come a long way since Gina has fought!

  • andreabstephens

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  • theo

    Gina needs to use her head & not take this Dec fight with Rhonda, the baddest female MMA on the planet. Except for a few pieces of silver, she gains NOTHING from this fight & the risks to her well being are too great. With no tune-up fights to work off her 5 year ring rust, she will be the sacrificial lamb & get slaughtered & humiliated in the worst way. She may not be the same again. I doubt if this is the footnote she wants to end her MMA career on.

    By trying to make this fight happen shows that Dana cares more for profits over fighters. Gina is Dana’s financial pawn for 1 fight only. He knows this fight won’t be competitive & he does not care. He is focused on the potential $$ here.

    Furthermore, I believe this fight will be a PPV flop. Who would pay good $ to see a lopsided, non-competitive fight that will be end badly for Gina in 2 minutes or less? If the fight happens, I will watch it – live – online – for free!!!

    If Gina really wants to make a comeback, she should be smart about it & not think about a title fight until she proves to herself, her peers & the fans that she is worthy of a title shot with decisive wins over 2 or 3 top 10 contenders. To take this fight now will be regrettable & a travesty for Gina.

  • richiev333

    Well, she has to be better than 16 seconds

  • TheMonitor

    Rousey is too hot to be a fighter.She should be a model. I wonder which one pays better.

  • barbarajwebster

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  • Fellatio Penn


  • The Brigadier

    Carano is simply being foolish. She risks a lot if she is seriously injured. Her acting depends on her looks and good health. It has a shelf life. Does she really need to fight a stupid pug like Rousey? Its all Rousey has. I really hope Carano’s self esteem is not that small. ~ sigh

  • Zack Williams III

    This will be a short fight and a short comeback for Gina. After her loss to Cyborg, she retired. After her loss to Rousey, I believe she will retire…again!