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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Gina Carano says Fighting is Like Sex (Video)

Gina Carano is an MMA fighter and the star of the new action movie Haywire. She appeared on Conan to promote the flick and ended up in a discussion about how fighting is like sex.

“If you think about it, [sex] is a very real interaction between two human beings,” she explained. “It’s an energy, like you have an energy, and I have an energy, and it’s an energy that nobody else is going to share.”

Alright, I’m kind of with you on that, Gina.

Carano also says she got into MMA because of an ex-boyfriend who went to a gym to start changing his life. Five months later, she began fighting too. Oh yeah, and how can we leave out that the person at the gym said she was fat? I wonder what he would say now.

Fist pound to Guyism

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