GSP Having Second Thoughts About Fighting Anderson Silva

Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva are widely considered to be two of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Silva’s 28-4 and coming off an incredible win over Vitor Belfort. The Spider has won 14 straight and fought at both middleweight and light heavyweight. GSP is 21-2 and has won his last eight fights in a row, all as a welterweight. He has a fight coming up against former Strikeforce champ Jake Shields late April in Toronto. After that, there’s been talk of a GSP-Silva superfight should St. Pierre come out victorious.

The St. Pierre-Silva fight is one fans have been dying to see for quite some time, but it appears as if the bout is no certainty. Speaking at UFC on Versus 3 Thursday evening, GSP said he’s focusing on his fight with Shields first before anything else, but he also was hesitant to talk about plans to fight Silva.

GSP’s biggest concern centers around the weight issue. During an interview, he said “It would take a long time [to put on that kind of weight]. Anderson Silva is a huge guy, he’s weighing around 230 pounds. He’s very big. Even when he fought as a light heavyweight he looked bigger than the other guys. I don’t know if I’m gonna go up to 185. I have no idea. It’s a complete reorientation of my career. I have a lot to lose.”

If he’s reluctant to fight because he has a lot to lose, that’s a poor attitude. But if his concerns are over weight issues, that makes complete sense. Silva is a bigger guy and has four inches of height and 20 pounds on GSP. He would have a clear advantage in a sport where a lot of the fighting is based on strength, leverage, and tactics on the ground. They would have to meet at an agreeable weight that would make the two equally uncomfortable. Remember, it won’t be easy for Silva to drop down in weight either. Hopefully GSP beats Shields and the superfight goes down.

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  • Thepasc

    When you said;”If he’s reluctant to fight because he has a lot to lose, that’s a poor attitude.”
    Hows that a poor attitude?GSP wasnt talking abt the Silva fight only,but the re-orientation of his career!
    OF course hes got lot to lose career wise!

    And Silva is not only 20 pounds heavier!!!He walk around at 230,and GSP has never passed 193!Thats almost 40 pounds.
    I’ve seen GSP and Forrest G. side by side,and Forest looked like a friggin giant!And when Forest fought Anderson,he was looking smaller than him!!!
    So its not only a matter of weight,but of size also!!!

    Dont get me wrong,I’d love to see this fight happen.But in the same time,I do understand GSP’s point.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is rediculous to have gsp and spider fight it will do neither fighter any good. they are clearly different weights I think it is absurd that DW can’t find better opposition for these guys he just wants to keep all the cash himself give the fighters what they deserve they are doing the work

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KXG57W3CFHN3Q5NI4PPT745RPA Rawbzilla

    i think both have alot to lose… gsp would have more to win if he wins since he “beats a bigger guy”… anderson wouldn’t have as much to win rather than bragging rights, but folks will still hate saying it was a smaller guy similar to folks still saying he lost to Chael (even tho the injury, roids and pulling off a late sub)… Sheilds is the more better match up (physically) imo. both are going to have the same game plan take it to the ground. we shall see what happens. i just hope if the super fight does happen its not in BS canada!
    (ive got nothing against the canadians its just im still ify on canadas athletic commission and there views on steriods! baseball steriods that arnt from the spanish islands come from canada just fyi)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gilbert-Madrid/100000924789139 Gilbert Madrid

    Better than GSP fight Bones jones and Silva would be the real shiznit! I imagine Silva would be the favorite but depending on the odds I would take Jones. Whatever it is, it would be a wild mf fight.