Jon Jones responds to Daniel Cormier: ‘Oh shut up please’

Daniel Cormier Jon Jones

The beef between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones is real.

Cormier was serving as an analyst for UFC on FOX 12 Saturday and talked about his upcoming fight with Jones. Cormier tooted his own horn, boasting about how he could beat Bones.

“I tell you fans: I have the skill, I have the confidence, I have the ability to go in there and beat the best fighter in the world,” he said on the program.

“This is what I’m made to do. This is why I’m in the UFC. I believe my style matches up great against Jon Jones. Sept. 27 is my coronation day. I’m going to be the king of the UFC and king of the pound-for-pound rankings.”

Clearly Jones was watching the show, because it didn’t take him long to respond. Here’s the tweet he sent:

It didn’t take long for Cormier to reply:

Will Cormier make good on his promises? Or will Jones shut him up? This is definitely shaping up to be one of the best fights of the year.

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  • Dan F.

    I cannot wait for this fight. I cannot wait for JJ to shut DC’s mouth once and for all.

  • Blaine Johnson

    Oh Jon, Daniel is just hyping the fight. Do you make Mayweather money? Ahh… No!: For your obvious weakness… That everyone knows about. I’d shut up. Your good and all but at the end of the day…Daniel only weakness is weight…your weakness is fundenmental….only to be exposed by a better fighter. When someone exploits it…. finally…. you be happy , Daniel raised the rent. Your going to need the money….or maybe you’ll turn to football. I hear you’d be a great punter. Punk! Goodbye jonny. C’est la vie! That Irish for ‘French non-impressed’. Your a hoot…. Ernesto Who? Here’s one for ya? What is Jon ‘the bones’ Jones with his middle nickname?

    A jellyfish.

    Here’s another one…. What is a Jones with a proper last name Joesph or Joshua or Jonah. Or even funnier ‘Josef ‘. You Americas…can’t even spell let alone…. name yourselves. What a f’ing embarrassment.

  • fbd

    Are you literally retarded? Half of that didn’t make sense and you’re going to call “us Americans” out for our spelling abilities?

  • Blaine Johnson

    You are stupid… Everything I said literally makes sense…. It just totally over your head. Sorry to have confused you. WonderBread.

  • Blaine Johnson

    Furthermore…. I don’t recall Black Canadians….(I personally don’t differentiate between races…. but you are a useless american) needing a substandard bastardisation of a language ‘eubonics’ to communicate.

    P. S. Retard f’ you.

    DC for ‘King Of the Ring’!