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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Junior dos Santos Thinks Brock Lesnar Has a Weak Chin

Junior dos Santos and Brock Lesnar are opposing each other as coaches on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter. The two will meet in the octagon in June, and dos Santos feels he’ll have an advantage over Lesnar when they fight.

Speaking on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, dos Santos said of Lesnar “He’s a wrestler, so he feels uncomfortable when people throw punches [at] him. I think his fight against Cain Velasquez shows good things for me, because I think he’s got a weak chin. I will try to use that, I will try to throw some punches and I will try to use my boxing [against him].”

Well dos Santos just pretty much gave away his gameplan to Lesnar so the question is how Brock will react. We saw him get rocked on some punches from Velasquez back at UFC 121 and he ended up stumbling to a first-round defeat. Knowing what dos Santos’ plan will be, Brock will have to avoid the punches and go for some takedowns.

That sounds easy, but as we all know when a top level pitcher is on the mound you can know what pitch is coming and still not be able to hit it. Dos Santos obviously feels that boxing is Brock’s weakness, and he’s going to try and exploit it. And by the way, what’s up with every fighter wanting to expose Brock Lesnar lately?

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