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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ken Shamrock working as bodyguard, provided security for 50 Cent

Ken Shamrock bodyguard

From the “where are they now?” files comes this story about fighting legend Ken Shamrock now working as a bodyguard, and even being hired to protect 50 Cent recently.

Shamrock, who was part of the UFC’s first Hall of Fame class, was working as one of Fiddy’s bodyguards at the CES convention on Wednesday. TMZ says Shamrock works for a company now that does private security for many high-end clients.

On his Twitter account, Shamrock described 50 as a “great guy”:

He also clarified that he is not 50 Cent’s personal bodyguard, but just was hired to provide security detail for the rapper.

Now this may be a dumb question but … didn’t 50 survive being shot nine times from close range? What does this guy need security for? He’s more indestructible than Boris the Blade.

Photo: Twitter/Lakerfan2345

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