Rampage Jackson Tries to Punk Ariel Helwani Again (Video)

Rampage Jackson sat ringside for the UFC on Versus 4 Sunday night and provided some analysis on TV afterwards. After breaking down the win by his training buddy Cheick Kongo, Rampage was asked about his rumored upcoming fight with Jon Jones. That’s when he rekindled his issues with reporter Ariel Helwani. Check out the video:

Rampage is frequently a character full of personality during interviews and he often crosses the line. He got into it with Helwani during a pre-UFC 130 interview after being upset with the way a previous radio interview went between them. The guy may be entertaining because of his spontaneous and wacky personality, but he needs to cool it with Helwani.

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  • Nate H

    Rampage acts like a 12 year old.  

  • Anonymous

    Rampage acts like a moron with people he knows are smaller than him, He wont pull that disrespecting crap with anyone else his size, he’s just a punk and hitting people is all he is good for, try getting some real world skills rampage…..

  • Anonymous

    I agree. People find him funny, and honestly it is funny. But he’s actually quite a bully and prick. From what I see here, Ariel Helwani never got his questions answered either.