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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Thiago Silva Used Non-Human Urine

Thiago Silva submitted an adulterated and/or substituted urine specimen for his drug test leading up to his UFC 125 fight with Brandon Vera on January 1st, the Nevada State Athletic Commission alleges. We had heard Silva was pulled from a scheduled fight for UFC 130 because of suspicion regarding his drug test, and their allegations support the report.

The NSAC report says the specimen by Silva is inconsistent with human urine. Got that? Inconsistent with human urine.

What did this guy do, pull off the Onterrio Smith special and exchange it for goat piss? Was he up all night looking for doggy chew toys like Tony Mandarich to store urine in so he could beat the drug test?

You know who’s most to blame for this whole fiasco? Clearly it’s Silva’s entourage.

Are you really telling me between his family, friends, and training staff there wasn’t one person willing to step up and offer their sweet and sour lemonade for this guy? Don’t they know that’s their job? What good is an entourage if they can’t at least provide clean urine. And if the entourage couldn’t figure it out, maybe Thiago should have consulted Nick Diaz for advice.

I know Thiago doesn’t have an answer for his problems, but I do have one conclusion: from now on we’ll refer to him as horse piss. I do believe he’s earned the name.

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