Video: Cyborg Santos Fight with Gina Carano Ends in TKO

The (very pretty) face of women’s MMA was in action at Strikeforce on Saturday night. The only problem for Gina Carano was that the sexuality of her opponent, Cris Cyborg Santos, is very much in doubt. Check out the video of the Carano/Cyborg fight and tell me you don’t wish you were half the man Cyborg is. She’s a killing machine:

The fight might not have been stopped until late in the first round but it was clear that Carano never really had a chance. Santos dominated the entire match and pretty much beat the crap out of Carano with flurries of punches. If I were Gina, I’d be demanding a urine test right about now to check Santos’ level of testosterone. My goodness — what a beast.

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  • dave

    Larry no matter what you say your love for Gina will go unrequited.
    This match was no blowout….Cyborg didn’t have Gina on strength only stamina and punch sucking ability, but mostly on technique…Gina gave away a clear superior position for no reason

  • Alan

    That’s not a woman, it’s a man baby!

    I love Gina Carano.