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Thursday, April 26, 2018

War Machine’s brother wants maximum psychiatric help for ‘insane’ bro

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War Machine’s brother Michael has been speaking out in defense of his troubled bro since the allegations of the severe beating came out, and he hopes his brother will receive maximum psychiatric help.

Michael Eugene Koppenhaver says he has not seen his brother in a year due to War Machine’s insanity, but that has not stopped him from standing by Jon. He says the two are extremely different and that he does not agree with many of his brother’s life choices.

“mine not so much” was the rest of the thought.

Michael, who says the two used to be really close until he called out Jon for his negative and erratic behavior, is also being realistic about punishments for his brother. He said he wants maximum psychiatric help and little jail time for War Machine:

He also called his brother “insane.”

Michael Koppenhaver has shared numerous pertinent tweets regarding the case. You can see them below:

Michael Koppenhaver is emphasizing that there are many holes to Christy Mack’s story, though as you have seen, he is not leaving his brother blameless.

Recognizing how crazy his brother is, Michael says he would not date him if he were a woman. Says he was on lexapro and it made him worse.

Though he says Mack is lying — and we did see the holes in her story — that does not justify War Machine’s actions. The guy snapped and pretty obviously took things way too far. Whether it’s jail or a psychiatric institute, the guy should not be free.

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