War Machine apologizes for tweeting he raped his girlfriend

War Machine Christy Mack

Bellator MMA fighter War Machine (real name Jonathan Koppenhaver) apologized for saying on Twitter Saturday that he “raped” his girlfriend.

War Machine seemed to be trying to express how dominant he is in his relationship with adult video star Christy Mack, and how he takes his sex when he wants it, when he tweeted the following message:

After getting some instant backlash from people on Twitter, War Machine continued with the tasteless language. When some people asked why he hadn’t responded to their tweets, War Machine told them “was busy raping my woman actually.”

War Machine then blamed the Twitter public for taking his words out of context:

War Machine tweet

OK, War Machine, so in what context did you mean your rape comment?

“like when my GF says we can’t have sex until after errands but then I take it now =]” he told someone who questioned him.

War Machine continued to complain about the public mistaking his comment:

War Machine tweet

Then, five hours after sending his initial rape comment, War Machine finally apologized.

War Machine’s rape comment and defiance should not be surprising. The man was released by the UFC for rejecting a fight offer and accusing the late Evan Tanner committed suicide. War Machine has also spent at least two stints in county jail for various legal issues, including felony assault convictions stemming from two separate bar fights.

War Machine is 13-4 in his career as a fighter. He has also appeared in 12 adult films.

His girlfriend did defend him:

Photo: Twitter/Christy Mack
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  • ldazzle

    They look like they deserve each other.

  • fred dick

    War Machine has always been and will always be a goofball! He’s just a roided up thug who thinks he’s the toughest dude around. Hahahaa, weak chin and even weaker mind! Good riddance goof!

  • Larry Dickman

    Well, as they say, you can take the savages out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the savages.

  • bjsTitsNgolF

    said no one ever.. Only applies to trailer parks or ghettos..

  • Rage In Eden

    Is this the type of guys women like these days? Christy Mack CAN do better….