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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cubs Sign Hard-Throwing 12-Year-Old Pitcher Henry Rowengartner

The Chicago Cubs have been short on pitching all season and are digging deep to try and aid their staff. The team announced today they have signed 12-year-old local Little Leaguer Henry Rowengartner to bolster their rotation.

How the Cubs came across Rowengartner is an extremely unique story. Rowengartner was sitting in the bleachers for a recent game when a home run ball landed nearby. His friends encouraged him to throw the ball back per Wrigley Field tradition, and the entire stadium was stunned when Henry threw a frozen rope from the bleachers all the way to the catcher at home plate.

The Cubs pursued Rowengartner after seeing his amazing feat at the stadium and asked him to throw for them. The youngster was consistently clocked in the upper-90s during his bullpen session. After much internal debate, Chicago decided to offer Rowengartner a contract which he signed based on the advice of his acting agent.

Those who know Henry best say the development is shocking. He was described as a below-average player on his Little League team until breaking his arm recently. When his arm healed, his tendons ended up extremely tight allowing him to coil his arm and unwind it like a slingshot. Rowengartner is considered to be a marvel in modern medical history.

The Cubs are hoping Henry will not only help their team but also be a draw at the box office where ticket sales have sagged recently. Rowengartner will be in uniform and should be available for tonight’s series opener against the Mets.

This post is a part of the Friday Film Festival at Larry Brown Sports. All contents of the story are purely fictional and based entirely off the sports movie, Rookie of the Year. To learn more about the movie, go here.

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