Alicia Sacramone Is Hot

**Also see all the Hottest Olympians at Beijing**

Apparently the Olympics are good for something, contrary to my previous beliefs. Generally I like to avoid gymnasts because their hormones are suppressed to slow their physical development, making them look like little kids (if they aren’t already little kids, that is). Much to my surprise (and delight), the Olympics team actually has a hot girl on it. And she’s 20. And she’s kinda developed. It’s Alicia Sacramone. And she ain’t bad. Check it:

Now I’m not saying she’s Ana Ivanovic status, but she definitely is solid enough to become the 10th Olympian to pose for Playboy. And who cares if she cost us a Gold Medal? She has something those other girls will never have. You know what I’m talking about.

UPDATE: Also see Hottest Olympians at Beijing

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  • SpinMax

    The place to see more like her….is the BigTen network! Once football and
    basketball is over, you wonder what the hell they’ll show…well…college gymnastics! makes me wish when I was in college that I went to the home meets. The babes are nowhere in the league of those you see in big competitions…but they’re all 18-21 and look like women.

  • http://housethatglanvillebuilt.blogspot.com Joe B

    I certainly wouldn’t have to put a brown bag over her head.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    BigTen network, Spin? She goes to Brown (so they say), maybe the Ivy League Network?

  • Ronald

    By hot, you mean stacked, right?

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