Great Britain’s athletes have air conditioning in their dorms, others left sweating

The London Olympics are taking place during a heat wave. Temperatures are currently floating around 85 degrees Fahrenheit at the site of the Olympics, and the athletes are paying the price. Because temperatures this extreme were not expected in Great Britain at this time of year, the athletes’ dormitories in the Olympic Village are not equipped with air conditioning. Except, of course, those rooms containing Great Britain’s athletes.

As MSN in Australia reported, Great Britain is being accused of holding a double standard because they have given air conditioners to Team GB. As the Australian athletes were seeking fresh air on their balconies, they looked over and saw air condition exhaust pipes.

“There’s no air (conditioners) so we have to try to get a bit of a breeze through our windows and stuff,” Australian basketball player Rachel Jarry said. “So it can get a bit hot.”

Swimmer Kylie Palmer said she doesn’t blame the British for providing their athletes with air conditioning since they are the hosts. American hurdler Lolo Jones — who we have come to know and love because of her bubbly personality and jokes about Tim Tebow — indicated on Twitter that she was struggling with the heat.

“No air conditioners. It’s HOT in the rooms,” she wrote Thursday morning. “No need to practice, just lay in (your) bed and sweat. Where are the applications for Winter Olympics?”

As we mentioned before, the hot weather could be a good thing for those of you who want the US Volleyball team to wear their bikinis even when competing at night. But for the athletes trying to rest up and get a comfortable night’s sleep, it could complicate things.

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  • SpinMax

    watch out, in 2 years the brits might not get heat

  • http://twitter.com/angiebr7 angela brunelle

    If that is true about London hoarding air conditioning for their players–they are not great or fair hosts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mat.owen.75 Mat Owen

    Great Britain are a bunch of cheaters, they suck so they have to play unfair, come on giving only your athletes air conditioning and nobody else, that sounds like an  unfair advantage that can affect other countries athletes I think. Also I’m seeing them in men’s gymnastics wait super long before every u.s. guy, but every g.b. male barely had any waiting time… reminds me why I hate Europeans, and why we changed french fries to freedom fries! ( :

  • http://twitter.com/SuseBeBi Susan B

    Are there no fans in all of Great Britain?  Send someone to buy some! Besides, if 85F is the high, the evening should be pretty okay to sleep. Though if no one else has AC in the Olympic Village, neither should the host country.