Lolo Jones suffers hand injury, doesn’t want to die a 30-year-old virgin (Picture)


Lolo Jones announced back in October that she has decided to train to compete in bobsledding at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, and it appears as though she is sticking with it. On Tuesday, Jones suffered an apparent injury to her hand while training in Russia. She tweeted the photo you see above with her hand bandaged up and the following caption.

“Injured at Practice. Hand bleeding. Need stitches. Stuck. Road closed. If I could give the middle finger I would.”

However, the injury did not result in Jones losing her notorious sense of humor. Naturally, she found a way to work her virginity into the equation.

“Only stitches but I kept yelling, ‘I don’t want to die a 30yr old virgin!'” she wrote alongside a photo of her receiving medical attention. “And that’s when they gave me pain meds.”


Many have insisted that Jones enjoys all the attention she has gotten over being a virgin, and tweets like this would seem to support that theory. She’s always joking about searching for the man of her dreams and has had fun with people connecting her to Tim Tebow, and it doesn’t look like she’s gotten sick of it yet.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/PrivateDickThickyan Arsen Dadyan

    Give her a cockmeat sandwich and tell her to STFU!!!!! She is loving the “virgin” angle and is using it to get not only attention but hopefully capitalize and make some money from endorsements. She needs to start winning and not talking about her virginity and her religion, or else she will be the next Tebow. A small group of religious fanatics will support her, but the majority of people will get tired of her act and move onto the next flavor of the week.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LCECCRKX3PDGWVSBIJON2VRQAM Mukphly

    She has missed out on sex in her teens & twenties.  With that hot little body she has this isn’t something to be proud of.  Go get laid Lolo, I promise you won’t go straight to hell for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/katie.cromwell.94 Katie Cromwell

    People tend to forget that athletes are humans and Lolo is an extrordinary one. She has joked about her virginity to relieve tension ever since the media embarrassed her by making a big deal of it. She didn’t need to have meaningless sex in her teens and 20’s because she had a goal. Unlike many of us, she worked diligently toward a seemingly impossible goal. Lolo may not have gold, silver, or bronze from the Olympics–she does however have a houseful of medals, trophies, and awards. She continues to be an icon because of her phenomenol mental attitude. She remains in the news because she catches the imagination of every child, teen, or adult that still dares to dream of a better life.

    That being said, I would sincerely appreciate if you would mind your mouth when leaving comments. MY 11 year old daughter follows Lolo because she is inspired by her. She has fought cancer since she was seven and wants to be an Olympic Swimmer. Dreams are imperative to health. Are you really so selfish that you want to take those from others?

    Lolo, thank you for being strong through everything that comes your way. It means so much to so many.