Scotty Lago Pictures Send Him Home from Vancouver

While everyone was busy discussing the Tiger Woods apology statement on Friday, some Olympics news was being made. Snowboarder Scotty Lago decided to leave Vancouver after these embarrassing, risque photos of him emerged. And when I say emerged, I mean that one of the thousands of paparazzi roving the city snapped them. Let’s give credit to Splash News Online and TMZ for hooking these pics up:

If I were to win an Olympic medal, hanging it around my waist for girls to lick as if they were performing oral sex would probably be the first thing I’d do with it. No doubt. Of course, this is a snowboarder about whom we’re talking so should we really be surprised? They’re the same people who choose jeans and flannel for snowboarding outfits and complain about opposing team’s pants being too skinny. Nice going, Scotty. Let this be your first lesson in popularity: once you’ve won a medal, there are certain things you can no longer do without some backlash. This is one of them.

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  • Joe Chambers

    Come on guys he is young and who really gives a damn anyway.
    Its not like he had his gear out for everyone to look at, he was just having fun. He was not hurting anyone he is just young and with that comes a lack of good judgement.
    Who gives a damn what the olympic committee thinks anyway.
    Grow up all of you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SpinMax

    All those athletes are getting it on anyway! What’s the problem? Some guy falls on a ski run and
    it’s like his life is over. A guy fails to win while snowboarding and it’s not as big a deal to him.