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Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Sochi Olympics wolf was another classic Jimmy Kimmel hoax (Video)

Sochi-Olympics-wolfYou know that video we shared with you on Thursday of what appeared to be a wolf wandering the hallways of one of the Olympic Village dormitories in Sochi? As it turns out, it was indeed a real wolf and not a husky or some other kind of stray dog. The video, on the other hand, was fake. You can thank Jimmy Kimmel for that.

Earlier this week, US luger Kate Hansen agreed to help Kimmel execute his latest internet hoax. Kimmel pulled a similar viral prank months ago with that girl everyone thought accidentally caught on fire while twerking.

“There was a little more backlash than I thought there would be,” Hansen said on Kimmel’s show. “But it was all worth it in the end.”

Kimmel’s crew actually built an exact replica of Hansen’s Olympic dorm hallway to pull off the prank. They then hired a real wolf and took control of Hansen’s Twitter account (with her permission) to set the internet on fire.

“I started hearing people talk around the building,” Hansen said. “Security started freaking out because that technically was a breach within athlete safety. It kind of went a little crazy over here, but we handled it.”

Russian officials, who have had enough problems to deal with before and during the Games, likely did not appreciate the joke. We certainly did.

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