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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Usain Bolt ignored coach’s advice to swear off sex

Usain-Bolt-OlympicsMost world class athletes are told that they need to avoid temptations like drugs, alcohol and partying if they want to be the best. Usain Bolt was no different, he just chose to do things his own way.

In his new autobiography “The Fastest Man Alive,” Bolt talks about how his coach Glen Mills warned him that his free spirit could get him into trouble. Bolt also wrote that Mills “told me to avoid sex.”

“I don’t worry about you when you’re unfit,” Bolt recalled his coach saying, via The Daily Star. “It’s when you’re strong that I stress because your testosterone goes high – through the roof. You have the potential to get yourself into trouble.”

Bolt chose not to listen and went on to win six Olympic gold medals.

“If I had followed Coach’s advice though, I would have driven myself insane,” he wrote. “I knew that every now and then I had to live fast. It was the only way for me to stay focused. Going out occasionally, dancing and chilling with friends was a release valve from the pressures of living in the spotlight. It helped me to work properly on the track and nobody, nobody was going to tell me otherwise.”

Despite his incredible physical makeup, Bolt likes to have a life outside of training and conditioning. We learned that earlier this year when he threw down a nasty dunk at the Celebrity All-Star Game in Houston.

“I knew that Coach would be pissed off at hearing the news,” the Jamaican said of his social life. “But I’d reached an understanding of what was needed if I was to function effectively as an athlete.”

Bolt is now the world record holder in the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints. I’m sure Mills is in no way angry about that.

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