Women volleyball players do not have to wear bikinis at London Olympics

In order to respect and accommodate the cultural beliefs of various countries, female volleyball players will be given more of a choice in clothing at the London Olympics this summer. Instead of having to wear bikinis, the International Volleyball Federation has announced that women will be allowed to wear shorts and tops with sleeves. The new rule permits “shorts of a maximum length of (1.18 inches) above the knee,” so I doubt we’ll be seeing any board shorts on the beach.

“Many of these countries have religious and cultural requirements, so the uniform needed to be more flexible.” FIVB spokesman Richard Baker told the Associated Press Tuesday. “Winners of the Continental Cups will qualify for the Olympics, so it has to be applied.”

Five Continental Cup Olympic qualifiers already had the rule in place, so it made sense to extend it to all athletes and countries. Plenty of athletes will stick to the bikini uniforms that they have become accustomed to, but the option is available.

As expected, there have already been rumblings about the change in uniform policy affecting ratings for volleyball. The reality is — whether right or wrong — there are plenty of people who tune into women’s Olympic beach volleyball to watch women in bikinis. More clothing will also mean less space for those tattoo advertisements some players have featured.

Photo Credit: Presse Sports-US PRESSWIRE

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  • Anonymous

    It’s about time – That has to be ridiculously uncomfortable to play a SPORT in.  If guys want to ogle women, buy a freaking Playboy or something.

  • Anonymous

    You’re probably a fatty who just can’t wear a bikini to be saying that so decisively… :P

  • Anonymous

    Did’nt know they had to wear bikinis but I have to say that it will hurt viewership!Just saying!It’s the whole reason I watch at all and that’s for a whole 20  seconds.

  • Anonymous

    What other reason would we watch, Woody?  Love those lean women!

  • Anonymous

    I’m Really Interested In Beach Volleyball And I Really Like To See The Girls In THier Beautiful Bikinis and I’ll Watch the Whole Thing and Every Woman In All Different Shapes ans Sizes Looks VEry Beautiful And PRetty In Thier Bikinis and I’ll Watch Them and Cool My Heels Off I  LOve Beach Volleyball

  • http://twitter.com/drdjr24 DawgDaze

    maybe someone should keep an eye on 1517Genevieve

  • Wil H

    I think ANYONE calling ANYONE a “fatty” (like a 6 year old I may add) should have to post a pic of themselves.

    Come on SlyB – man up or STFU ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/rocketfan4ever Thomas F Giordano


  • Anonymous

     What, are you Fatty’s boyfriend or husband? Didn’t mean to hurt you, Dude! Let me see her first, I’ll show myself next, NO PROBLEM! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Reasonable decision.  I have played Mixed Beach Vollyball with ladies in nothing at all to Sarong Coverups with T-shirts, the ladies need to play in what they are comfortable with.

  • Anonymous

    Well My Dear Chaps and Mishaps, If one likes thee VolleyBall, WHO  Cares who is a playin. If ye like  a thee Chicks in thee Bikini, I Just be Going to the Beach. What Say You My Dear Fellows. An English Dude, No Doubt.

  • Anonymous

    So, You be thinking that ya mite be English YAH?  Well!   So What the Bloody Hell Is that supposed to be meaning  to You and Anyone else involved with any of  this.  There’s nothing At All to do with Any of This to do anything with That to do absloutely Nothing to do with any of This. OH YAH, So what ye be thinking, Ye GERMAN?

  • Wil H

    Missed the point didnt ya Skippy


    And what kind of a grown “man” uses the word fatty?