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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Amateur soccer coach grabs throat for greatest flop of all time (Video)

Throat-grab-flopJust when we thought Dwyane Wade had guaranteed himself the award for best flop of the week with this ridiculous acting job, an amateur soccer coach from Germany comes in and steals the show. If you’re going to act like an opposing coach wound up and karate chopped you in the throat, you might as well do it up right.

As you can see, the coach in green got into it with someone from the opposing side and was pointing his finger in the gentleman’s face. When Mr. Black┬áreached up to knock the finger away and made contact with Mr. Green’s neck area, Mr. Green clutched his throat and dropped to the ground like he was choking to death.

Somehow, Mr. Green was up off the ground exactly six seconds later and getting into the face of Mr. Black once again. NBA players should take notes — that’s how you sell a flop.

Video via Barstool Sports

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