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Saturday, May 26, 2018

FIFA Should Ax US-Slovenia Ref Coulibaly

On Friday the U.S. beat Slovenia with a final score of 3-2. Oh wait, no they didn’t. In the 86th minute of the match the U.S. scored but the goal wasn’t counted because of a mystery foul. Referee Koman Coulibaly still hasn’t explained who the foul was on or even what the foul was. Hmmm.

First off, I believe that the ref should have to announce what the foul was immediately after it happens. If he just got whistle-happy and can’t actually justify what was wrong with the play, then there should not be a foul. The U.S. had an amazing comeback on their hands and should have won the game. Instead they had to settle for a tie.

FIFA has pretty strict rules about reffing, especially in the World Cup. The referees for each game are required to hand over a post-game report which includes fouls and penalties. If Coulibaly’s mistake is indeed determined to be a game-costing error for the U.S., it’s likely that we won’t see him officiating any more games.

I don’t see any other option here really. I’m no soccer nut but I have re-watched this clip over and over trying to find something that would have justified the call. I am really looking forward to the official word on the incident and Coulibaly’s reasoning for the call. I have one thing to say to him though: If Jim Joyce can be a man and apologize for blowing Galarraga’s perfect game then Coulibaly should do the same.

Source: U.S.-Slovenia ref gets poor rating [Yahoo! Sports]

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