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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Germany Women’s Soccer Team Poses for Playboy (Pictures)

Apparently there is a stereotype floating around the world that all female soccer players are butch. That could be the viewpoint of the men in Europe, but personally I have never really thought that was the case. I have heard people said that about women’s basketball players (not that I agree with it), but rarely about soccer players.

In any event, the German women’s soccer team does not approve of the alleged stereotype and has set out to disprove it.

“With these photos, we want to disprove the cliche that all female footballers are butch,” Germany midfielder Kristina Gessat told Playboy Magazine in Germany. “The message is: look, we are very normal and lovely girls!”

Since the team was willing to pose pretty much naked and in see-through versions of their jerseys, we really could care less what their reasoning behind it is.  The only thing that matters is the Germany women’s soccer Playboy pictures are out there for all of us to enjoy.  Have a look at a few of them, courtesy of Sports Grid via Off the Bench:


We’re not quite ready to put these pictures on the Erin Drewes or Arianny Celeste level, but the concept of a female soccer team embracing a Playboy shoot could make for an exciting trend.  If other female soccer teams would like to come out and try to disprove the supposed “female soccer players are butch” theory, we wouldn’t have any complaints.

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