Hope Solo’s nephew says he pulled BB gun during their fight

Hope SoloHope Solo was arrested over the weekend after allegedly hitting her sister and 17-year-old nephew during a fight at a house party and booked on two counts of 4th degree domestic violence assault. Solo’s nephew told police his side of the story, and he says he pulled a BB gun on the soccer goalie to try scaring her away.

According to The Seattle Times, Solo’s nephew told police that his mother, who is Solo’s older half-sister, just began letting Solo back into their lives. Solo supposedly showed up to a party at their home as if she had already been drinking. She was upset that her husband, Jerramy Stevens, was being a jerk and didn’t take her to catch a flight.

At the party, the nephew was talking about how he’s into performing arts and that he believes actors need to get into an athletic state of mind. Solo supposedly put him down after that remark — telling him he could never be a professional athlete — and the two got into a fistfight.

According to TMZ, the nephew walked into a different room to avoid the trash talk with Solo, Hope followed, and they did some name calling.

Solo supposedly called her nephew a p***y for calling his mother to help during the fight (Solo allegedly punch her half-sister in the face).

“I then told her to get her c*nt face out of my house,” the boy supposedly said in response.

Solo supposedly became enraged after that and attacked the boy, grabbing his hair and punching him. He then got an old BB gun in response to try getting her to back away.

“I then went into a back room and got an old gun that not work, pointed it at her and she kept coming at me. She didn’t leave but walked around me cornering me like a shark,” the nephew told police.

The gun didn’t scare away Hope. She only left when he called police, but she still tried coming back into the house. He says he beat her with a broomstick after that but she kept coming after him.

Solo is claiming that she was the victim in the fight.

None of this should come as a surprise; Solo has been a part of multiple incidents over the years and clearly has a temper and short fuse. She got into it with an opposing fan base last month, and she had a notable incident with Stevens two years ago. She is definitely someone you do not want to upset.

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  • MikeTen

    She must be a relative of Han Solo ;)

  • jkman

    She is one pathetic POS!!!
    When a professional Athlete get into it with fans, you have to draw a line in the sand, if she were a black basketball or football player and got into it with a fan, she would have been suspended and fined……….she is not a role model for young girls, that’s for sure!!

    Maybe some anger management and a psychological evaluation is in order!!

  • speedle24

    Maybe no one gives a s–t.

  • reconmarine1

    The kid went and got a gun. Really? I don’t care that it was an old BB gun. The thought process of these kids in today’s America is rightening

  • golfpunk500

    Next time, real gun, point and pull trigger.

  • Sen Bjorn

    Good thing this happened in the northwest, one of the only sane pockets of the US left …de-escalated a situation with a drunk idiot without lethal force …take a lesson the rest of you trigger happy 2nd amendment nuts out there

  • soxfan70

    Women’s soccer? Is that even a sport?

  • Sen Bjorn

    it’s more interesting then fuckin baseball ill tell you that right now….hot chicks running around in the heat or fat bearded baseball players? tough call

  • soxfan70

    There must be a reality show where she would fit in nicely. “Dancing with a dysfunctional”, “Soccer girls gone wild”, “Title IX made me a monster”, “Booze, Birthday Parties and BB Guns”, “Sex, Steroids and Solo – The Real Story”, “Midol Madness”.