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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hungarian Soccer Players Leave Field With ‘Spontaneous Diarrhea’, Likely Protesting Unpaid Wages

Everyone knows what it’s like to come down with a sudden case of the runs. Maybe you’re driving along and it hits you quicker than a Devin Hester punt return. Perhaps you’re at work and you have to get up so quickly you knock everything down in your cubicle and the one next to you. Chances are we’ve all been there, but very few of us have been there as a team.

Deadspin passed along a hilarious story about a Hungarian soccer team who came down with “spontaneous diarrhea” during a game over a week ago. There’s about a 0.001 percent chance the players actually all had to take a dump at once, but that doesn’t make the tale any less amusing.

According to Chortler.com, the players likely chose to leave the field in protest of their lack of payment.  The five players who abruptly left returned only a minute later and resumed play.  With that in mind, someone should probably call Guinness and let them know there’s a new world record for shortest amount of time five grown men have ever taken to get their business done, wipe, and return to a game.

Give the players credit: At least they didn’t drop trow and do their business right on the field like this soccer player.

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