‘Jimmy Jump’ Flattened for Going After World Cup Trophy

Earlier this week, we told you about a guy who rushed the field at a World Cup game and was ushered off without being physically abused. That’s probably because he wasn’t trying to touch the ultimate prize – the tournament trophy. I have no idea what Jaume Marquet Cot’s intentions were this time, but he’s become famous for acting like an idiot at high-profile sporting events.  Sports by Brooks has discovered that he’s the same guy who some know as “Jimmy Jump” — a nickname that stems from his antics at sporting events in the past.  You might remember when he went after Roger Federer during the 2009 French Open and tried draping a flag over him.  Check out the video of Jaume Marquet Cot trying to steal or put a hat on the World Cup trophy:

What a moron this guy is.  How are they even letting him buy tickets to these events?  I know it would be extremely difficult to enforce, but you’d think that since he’s done this time after time they’d find a way to keep him out.  He’s a clown and a menace to society.  If I was at a game and saw him there…I’d probably do nothing.  But I’d certainly hope someone else did.

Video: Dumbass Tries Swiping World Cup Trophy [SPORTS by BROOKS]
Video Credit: YouTube user stylerchris78

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  • David Mosugu

    If his intention was to steal the elusive world cup trophy,how would he had escape from the stadium without been bundled
    By security agents.And if he is only trying to make fun or creat an awareness of any sort,he should better stop now Cos he may not be lucky to be alive next time.Thanks