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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Male escort business reportedly soaring in UK during Euro 2012

Soccer in Europe, like football here in the States, is a sport followed predominantly by men. And while scores of men in the UK cheer, boo, sing and drink themselves into drunken stupors as one of the world’s biggest soccer tournaments, Euro 2012, currently takes place, their jilted spouses are fulfilling their needs by enlisting the company of male escorts. The Sun tells the story of one gigolo whose business has spiked so much during the tournament that he’s had to turn some ladies down:

We told this week how demand for male escorts has rocketed by 26 per cent since the tournament kicked off on June 8. And the number of men signing up as gigolos to cope with demand has risen by 11 per cent.

Martin hopes England go all the way so his diary stays booked up.

“I’ve shot up from three to eight clients a week — it’s absolute mayhem,” Martin the gigolo told the tabloid. “I charge between £120 and £800, depending on how long I spend with them and what we do, so my bank balance is benefiting beyond belief.”

And go figure: the women are usually able to get away with what they’re doing because their husbands are usually too distracted from watching the games.

“I get quite a few new clients during these big football tournaments who book me because they realise their husbands are unlikely to question what they’ve been up to while the matches are on,” Martin said. “They’re so wrapped up in the game that they just assume their partner is upstairs doing the ironing or out with her friends. They don’t concern themselves with finding out exactly where they’ve been.”

We’ll see if some of those marriages can return to normalcy depending on what happens during Sunday’s England-Italy quarterfinal match.

Based on some of the stories we’ve heard relating to Euro 2012, the tournament’s motto ought to be, “Euro 2012: If it’s not about the soccer, it’s definitely about the sex.”

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