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Sunday, May 27, 2018

One Cameraman Trucks Another After US-Mexico Gold Cup (Video)

Since we’re dealing with soccer here, it’s only fair to ask the question: flop or no flop?  Whether you like soccer or not, everyone knows diving is a huge part of the game.  When a player takes a swipe at another player’s leg, it usually results in someone falling to the ground like they just took an RPG to the chest.  Now it’s up for us to decide if these antics are prevalent among the members of the media as well.  Check out the video of a cameraman trucking another cameraman at the Gold Cup, courtesy of Dirty Tackle:

Definitely a lot of contact there, but was it enough to send him flying to the ground?  I say no.  And how about the second fall at the 8-second mark?  The guy with the small camera was obviously just upset the ref missed the initial hit, so he decided to sell it even further.  Final verdict: aggressive and effective move by the guy with the bigger camera.  Darwin’s theory at work.

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