Pepe gets red card for headbutt (GIF)

Portugal center back Pepe was given a red card during Monday’s match against Germany after he headbutted an opponent. Pepe was angry in the first half after he apparently felt that Germany’s Thomas Muller sold a hand to the face a bit too convincingly, so he reacted by giving Muller a light headbutt while he was on the ground.

Pepe was immediately sent off, meaning he will be suspended for Portugal’s game against the United States on Sunday.

Those who have followed the 31-year-old’s career are not surprised. Pepe, who plays for Real Madrid, is known for his temper. He once dragged down an opponent in 2009 and kicked him twice while he was on the ground, earning a red card. Pepe also fought a teammate during practice back in 2008. He’s a known hothead.


Portugal was trailing 2-0 at the time Pepe was sent off and went into halftime behind 3-0. Germany dominated the entire first half.

GIF via SB Nation

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  • Chris Soza

    The Portugal v USA game is on Sunday the 22nd not Thursday.

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