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Friday, April 20, 2018

Tim Howard impressed himself with saves against Belgium

Tim Howard diveTim Howard had a record-tying performance when he made 16 saves in one game against Belgium at the World Cup. Even though the US lost the game, Howard became an American legend for his performance. He even had a great “Things Tim Howard could save meme” created in his honor and it was hilarious.

Now Howard admits he even impressed himself with some of the saves. Howard did an interview on “SportsCenter” Wednesday and was asked by Jay Harris to name his favorite saves. Though Howard didn’t have one particular save that stood out, he did mention the Belgium game.

“I think most recently there were a few from the Belgium game that I was impressed with myself,” said Howard.

Howard said he was in the zone during the game and not really focused on the meter ticking after each save.

“When you’re in the moment I don’t think you have the luxury of counting them up and hoping you get a whole bunch more. It’s quite the opposite. You’re trying to plug the holes and lead from the back.

“Obviously that’s my job to make saves and it’s hard to remember how many saves you made in a game or anticipate. So just trying to be in rhythm and make myself big and do the things I’m called upon to do. At the end of the day they add up, just wish I could have had one more,” said Howard.

I’m glad Howard admitted he even impressed himself with some of those saves. He was so awesome that game, it would have been impossible not to.

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