Hilarious Flop Leads to Kaka’s Red Card

Brazil beat Ivory Coast 3-1 Sunday guaranteeing themselves a spot in the Knockout Stage. They were up 3-0 thanks to two goals by Luis Fabiano, one that could have involved the use of his hands, and the other set up by Kaka. Kaka was sent off in the 87th minute after getting his second yellow card which resulted in a red card. Ivory Coast’s Kader Keita ran into Kaka and flopped but somehow the penalty was called on Kaka. Check out this video of Kaka’s red card, the result of an embarrassing flop job:

All I have to say is it’s a good thing Shaq wasn’t on the receiving end of that flop otherwise you have no idea what might have been said.

Kaka Sent Off in 88th Minute after Ivory Coast Dive [You Been Blinded]
Video Credit: YouTube user muzztard

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  • blackjack

    Please tell me someone has the authority to overturn that.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Steve DelVecchio

    Wow. What’s really amazing about these flops we keep seeing is that the refs take the player’s word for it, knowing that they flop all the time. If you don’t see it, you don’t see it. The refs need to stop making a call just because of a player’s reaction when they weren’t even looking at the play. How many times will you hear a ref saying in football or basketball, “I didn’t see it.” For some reason soccer refs are far more reluctant to say that.

  • SpinMax

    This is why soccer is unwatchable in the usa. Let them have their sissy sport

  • James

    This is why soccer is a joke and why its played by wimps and girls.

  • Jussi

    I saw this live and thought, “wow, at least in hockey there would be some followup (crosscheck and punch on the puck drop).

  • Mike

    Flopping makes soccer a joke. We get some of it in basketball, and it’s just as bad.

    A competitive sport should not involve acting. Kader Keita should face real penalties for such a dickless move. If not a few stiff kicks in the teeth for good measure. Give ‘em something to hold his face about.