Wondo misses potential game-winning goal against Belgium (Video)

Chris Wondolowski missed a potential game-winning goal on what many felt was a gimme in the 92nd minute of the US’ World Cup match with Belgium on Tuesday.

The match was scoreless until extra time, and that was the US’s best chance to win. Had Wondo been able to net that goal, the US would have gone up 1-0 and time would have been called shortly thereafter.

This was the look on coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s face afterwards:

Jurgen Klinsmann Wondo miss

There were questions about whether or not Wondo was offsides. He wasn’t:

Wondo offsides

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  • BrettSmith7

    keeper closed fast tried to place it. we missed better chances than this. What about Dempsey lazy and getting 3 (should have been 1 touch) shots?

    Get your headline straight Larry Brown

  • evynjeg506

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  • Frups

    Nonsense. This is the definition of a point blank miss and it will haunt Wondo for awhile. It was the 92nd minute. That said Belgium was the vastly superior team, but Wondolowski should 99% of the time score that goal.