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Monday, April 23, 2018

Super Bowl Economic Stats

Since the Super Bowl has grown to be the nuts of parties – incorporating all fields of the entertainment industry into one full week of festivities – I thought it would be interesting to explore the economic impact of the Spring Break out. Here are some great notes the Sports Business Professor, Rick Horrow, who writes for foxsports.com, points out in his Weekly Sports Dollar

South Florida — the region generated over $400 million of economic impact, 1,200 parties, 1,000 private jet landings, and favorable mentions on television to 232 countries in 33 languages. The National Retail Federation predicted nearly $9 billion in retail and overall spending as a consequence of Super Bowl XLI

Umm yeah, that’s like a lot of money and stuff. Over $400 million in economic impact? That’s more than the GDP of 10 countries in the world according to the International Monetary Fund. What is it about certain events that people start spending out of control unlike any other time in the year?

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