Vince McMahon’s net worth, WWE stock plummet after new TV deal is announced

Vince McMahon power walkThe WWE made a major announcement on Thursday that appears to have cost the organization a ton of money, at least in the short term. The morning after WWE announced a new television deal with NBCUNiversal, WWE stock plummeted nearly 50%.

According to Forbes, investors are extremely disappointed with the new TV deal, which will allow Monday Night Raw to continue airing on USA Network while Friday Night Smackdown airs on NBC-owned Syfy Network. WWE chairman Vince McMahon insists the deal can only mean positive things for the company’s earnings, but Wall Street experts aren’t buying it.

“To all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong,” Benchmark analyst Mike Hickey wrote on Friday morning while downgrading WWE’s rating from a buy to a hold and cutting its target price by nearly $10 per share. “The company’s valuation could take a heavy beating this morning, as the new domestic TV deal with NBCU likely disappointed investors over limited visibility and believability on the ultimate success of the network.”

The plummet of WWE stock has been so rapid in the past 24 hours that Forbes estimates McMahon has lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $344 million. While that number is constantly changing, that type of loss would cost McMahon his billionaire status for the time being.

Another concern for McMahon’s company has been the launch of WWE Network, which Forbes says will have to pick up a total of around $1.3 million global subscribers in order to offset the loss of WWE pay-per-view revenue. Thus far, there have been roughly 670,000 subscribers.

While we’re hardly financial experts, we feel we can safely speculate that McMahon and his people are not going to starve to death. We expect the WWE to bounce back.

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  • Nathan Armstrong

    Change it away from the PG rating, then see what happens. As a WWE fan growing up, as I still watch it to this day, its sad to see World Wrestling Entertainment hitting the pooper. What happened to the blood and divas who actually wrestled… ONE thing I would definitely get rid of would be the stupid shows the air, such as Main Event and NXT. AND actually have set superstars for Raw and SmackDown. anyways, just my 2 cents.

  • Ed

    i think overall pro wrestling is hurting. TNA is suffering while MMA is gaining fans


    The Attitude Era laughs at todays gay ass wrestling

  • 700Level

    The WWE is between a rock (not The Rock) and a hard place. In order to be kid friendly, stay on the air in many of the countries it’s programming is now seen and attract the widest array of ad dollars it has to remain PG. But many of its more mature fans HATE the PG era.
    Furthermore, WWE feels it needs to show more action and less talk b/c of the foreign markets, but true performers have always talked people into the arena (and into watching them on TV) But even if they reversed course, few of today’s performers have much in the way of mic skills.
    They also have no performers with cross-over appeal. Guys like Hogan and The Rock are legitimate stars, not just wrestlers.
    Also, the story-lines are, at best, slightly above average. Mostly they’re poorly conceived and executed.
    There are other problems both those are just the general ones that I could think of off the top of my head.
    The WWE Network is pretty awesome though.

  • McLovin3533

    In related news, stock prices for spandex, steroids, and homo-erotic paraphernalia also took a beating.


    what ever happened to the bra & panties matches??

  • 700Level

    I’m not even sure what the second half of this comment means, but I certainly wouldn’t get rid of NXT on the WWE Network. That’s just stupid. It’s how they develop young talent.

  • Thomas Jeter


  • Kerry LeBlanc

    They probably told vince to put them on and wrestle if he wanted to see bra’s and panties


    Today’s wrestling BLOWS I barely watch it at all, John Cena is so fuckin gay & cheesy, he always fuckin wins. it could be him vs 1000 highly trained Navy Seals & he will STILL fuckin win. The Divas suck compared to the ones I grew up watching like Trish Stratus, Lita, Terri Runnels, The Kat, Chyna, Tori, Victoria, Sable, Ivory, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson. Pretty much the prime years for wrestling was from 95′ – 02′

  • Shailine

    GOOD he is a douche bag anyway

  • Harry Armstrong

    I grew up watching “The Fabulous Moolah”. There were no such thing as divas in those days.

  • Harry Armstrong

    You just beat the man.

  • Harry Armstrong

    Does anyone remember George “the animal” Steele?

  • Charles Story

    “Niiiccceee” while looking at Elizabeth.


    Mae Young??


    what about “The Godfather” haha & the HOOOOOOO Train lmfao

  • http://facebook.com/sw3rv.magnum Sw3rV

    anybody w/ half a brain and money in the bank would be buying would be buying WWE stock like crazy right now. There Not going anywhere there the onLy game in town

  • HavocNHell

    I cannot remember the last time I saw a WWE Match. I lost interest long ago. Getting rid of NXT Would be a good move as THEY have always been developing talent, just they put that crap on to gain more money, nothing new they been doing it for 40 year, when they were the WWWF…WWF..WWE..It does not change. NXT is just a money grab.

  • dTRON

    NXT isn’t just about the WWE and Wrestlers and new Talent. They film it at Full Sail University which I went to but before NXT was there. It gives students in the Show Production courses the opportunity to help with the broadcast of a live show. So it is beneficial to both the WWE and with helping students get the hands on experience they need before graduating. It is a win-win situation.

  • IDoNotBowToCommies

    WWE lost me when Stone Cold Steve Austin went over enthusiastically to the I love Homosexual Marriage camp.

    That’s a far cry from the old DX skit of “I love “roosters”. Now they’re being politically correct.

  • IDoNotBowToCommies

    John Cena wins because it’s in the SCRIPT to win.