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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Yankees reportedly upset with StubHub over low ticket prices

When we think about the secondary ticket market for professional sports, the thought of paying way over face value typically comes to mind. That is not always the case. Websites like StubHub provide ticket holders and those interested in buying tickets an opportunity to essentially set their own market. That model has reportedly been creating a problem for the Yankees ticket department.

According to the NY Post, the Yankees are tired of seeing tickets pop up on StubHub at significantly lower prices than their box office charges. Over the past few seasons, unwanted Yankee Stadium seats have been going for as low as a few dollars each. More than 7,000 tickets are currently listed on StubHub for New York’s game against the Orioles next Monday, with prices starting at just $3.00 a seat. The Yankees box office does not currently offer any tickets for les than $15.20.

StubHub has a contract with the MLB that expires after this season, and the Yankees and a few other clubs would reportedly like to see the eBay-owned company put a price floor on certain tickets. The main philosophy of StubHub is to let the marketplace set the price, and that is apparently not sitting well with the Yankees.

One of the main issues the Yankees have with StubHub seems to be the effect it could have on renewed ticket license plans. With prices for certain seats available at a discount on StubHub, many fans would rather take it game-by-game and settle for the convenience of StubHub when they want to catch a game rather than ordering a season ticket package. Others may be concerned that they will not get enough return when they choose to sell certain games from the season ticket plan.

I think I speak for everyone when I say the following: Stop crying, New York. You have more money than you know what to do with.

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