Robert Griffin III wears Redskins ‘Go Catch Your Dream’ socks to draft (Picture)

Robert Griffin III was selected second overall in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Redskins, as expected. The moment we were all waiting for wasn’t the announcement of who Washington was picking, but what socks RG3 decided to wear.

Griffin showed off a new brand of Adidas socks made in the Redskins colors that say “Go Catch Your Dream.” The saying is one coined by Baylor football coach Art Briles who shared that message with his players. Griffin explained what it means.

“A lot of times when you chase something, you never catch it. So if you say ‘Hey, I’m going to go catch my dream,’ you’re already telling yourself that you’re going to get it. That’s the message to all the kids out there,” Griffin told ESPN.

Here’s a recap of all the colorful socks Griffin has worn in the past, along with a closer look at the socks:

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Woman offers herself up to this year’s Mr. Irrelevant (Video)

We’ve seen these YouTube proposals to professional athletes such as Ricky Rubio and Tim Tebow before. But never before have we seen one that reaches the sleazy and high-potential-for-a-cold-sore level that this one has.

That frizzy-haired and wanton lass in the (possibly fake) video below bills herself as “Mrs. Irrelevant” and has one mission and one mission only: to sleep with the last pick in this year’s NFL Draft. It’s pretty much the only thing somebody about to join the Colts can look forward to at this point.

“Whoever is this year’s Mr. Irrelevant is going to have himself a night … alone … with me,” she seductively declares. “And our time together, I guarantee you, will be anything but irrelevant.”

Sounds a lot more fun than a parade in Newport Beach.

I say, instead of that old dude, we have this chick announce the last pick in the draft.

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Networks will limit cameras in green room to create more suspense during NFL Draft

Nobody likes spoilers. ESPN and NFL Network understand this.

So for the first night of next week’s NFL Draft, in an effort to make their draft coverage more suspenseful, both networks reportedly won’t be showing shots of players talking on the phone shortly before their name is ultimately read by Roger Goodell. According to SI’s Richard Deitsch, on-air personalities are still free to make predictions, however.

Previously, any suspense leading up to a pick evaporated once cameras showed prospects coyly speaking into their phones in the green room or their homes before Goodell had a chance to officially announce their name. It has always been the downside to the extensive coverage networks provide for the draft. LB has voiced this complaint in the past. Finally, something is being done about it. The decision comes after both networks met with the league Wednesday to discuss ways to deal with the problem.

This should be a move welcomed by anybody who enjoys all things compelling. After all, the NFL Draft is a television event more than it is a sporting event. Hopefully well-informed reporters like Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen will also have the decency to bite their tongues.

Aside from the few no-brainer selections, it’s going to be fun not knowing what to expect at each pick. For once it will happen other than when the Raiders are on the clock.

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Photo credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE