EJ Manuel accidentally got phone call meant for No. 3 pick Dion Jordan

EJ ManuelFormer Florida State star EJ Manuel made out better than many people expected in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday. The Buffalo Bills selected him with the 16th overall pick, and he ended up being the only quarterback taken in the first 32 selections. However, there was a brief moment when Manuel thought the night was going to turn out even better.

Just before the Miami Dolphins announced that they had selected Oregon linebacker Dion Jordan with the third overall pick, Manuel got a phone call. He told “The Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday that it turned out to be the wrong number.

“When Dion Jordan got selected, someone called my hotline phone that was there at the draft,” Manuel said. “They were looking for Dion, but obviously I got excited because I heard it right. So I was like, man, that’s a prank call right here.”

The Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill last season and he is going to be the team’s starter this year, so that would have made little sense. That being said, everything happens so quickly at the draft that you hardly have time to think. For a split second, Manuel was probably stunned thinking he was selected in the top five of the draft. We already made it clear that we were shocked he was taken with the 16th pick, let alone in the top three.

It sounds like it was an honest mistake, albeit a cruel one. At least no one played a horrible prank on Manuel like the one former Rutgers receiver Mohamed Sanu had to deal with last year.

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Geno Smith reportedly changed his mind, will attend Day 2 of NFL Draft

No player was more disappointed after round one of the NFL Draft on Thursday night than former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. After a great deal of speculation that he could be the first quarterback taken, Smith sat at Radio City Music Hall and watched 32 players embark on a new life without hearing his name called.

Instead, the Buffalo Bills took EJ Manuel with the 16th overall pick, and he wound up being the only quarterback taken in the first round. At the conclusion of the evening, Smith was reportedly so upset that he declined to do an on-camera interview and said he would not be attending Day 2 in New York. He may have changed his mind.

Smith was clearly speaking out of frustration on Thursday night, and you can’t really blame him. He was looking sharp, his family was there and he was introduced with a number of other prospects before teams began making their picks. Perhaps the words of encouragement he received from Aaron Rodgers factored into his decision.

As we have seen countless times, there’s nothing wrong with slipping out of the first round. Smith will be playing with an even bigger chip on his shoulder now. His rookie contract might not have quite as many zeros attached to it, but plenty of NFL legends have been drafted in the later rounds.

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Andy Reid wore his ‘casual Friday’ shirt to the NFL Draft (Picture)


Somebody should remind Andy Reid that the NFL has now stretched the draft out over a four-day period, meaning it begins on a Thursday. Round 1 still falls in the middle of the work week. Lose the Hawaiian shirt, bro.

As you can see from the photo above that was posted on Reddit on Thursday, Reid decided to go “casual Friday” while he was sitting in the Kansas City Chiefs war room in Missouri. The Chiefs had an entire offseason to figure out that they wanted to select offensive tackle Eric Fisher with the first overall pick. It appears Reid forgot to put any thought into what he was wearing in the process.

All joking aside, this is what people love about Andy. The dude just doesn’t care. You can make as many fat jokes about him on ESPN as you want, and he’s still gonna roll out looking like Uncle Buck when he knows the cameras are watching.

Tony Moeaki encourages friends of potential NFL draftees to screw with them

Tony-Moeaki-ChiefsThe NFL Draft is one of the most emotional experiences a college football player will ever have to sit through. For some, it brings overwhelming happiness. For others, it leads to unfathomable disappointment. But most NFL players would agree that draft weekend comes with a great deal of anxiety. Chiefs tight end Tony Moeaki wants to make it even more stressful.

With every NFL Draft comes at least one or two clowns who like to play pranks and pray on vulnerability. Most top-tier college players are sitting at home waiting by the phone for the call that will change their life, and Moeaki is encouraging people to punk those players.

Not cool, bro. As this former Rutgers receiver could tell you, there’s nothing more disheartening than having someone pose as an NFL team executive who claims you have just been drafted. Moeaki was taken in the third round back in 2010, so he had to do a bit of waiting around before his name was called. I think it’s safe to assume someone played the blocked number prank on him during the first two-plus rounds.

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Interviewer makes up fake NFL prospect names, ask fans what they think (Video)

NFL-Draft-prankWe all know there is really no such thing as an NFL Draft expert. Guys like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper spend a ton of time analyzing prospects and putting together mock drafts, but at the end of the day it is impossible to know exactly what 32 teams have planned for one of the biggest weekends of the calendar year in the NFL.

A lot of pre-draft analysis involves pretending to know what you’re talking about. The folks at Football Nation took to the streets of New York earlier this week to prove that casual fans are just as effective with doing that as the so-called experts. Using names like Buster Hymen and Curvin Johnson (Calvin’s fictional brother), Football National successfully embarrassed a number of fans on camera.

No fan who is standing in line trying to get tickets to the first round of the NFL Draft wants to get caught not knowing about a “big” prospect. In that sense, you can understand how the bit that Jimmy Kimmel made famous went over so well. However, this little skit proves that honesty truly is the best policy.

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