Aaron Hernandez reportedly kicked out of Patriots’ facility

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez was kicked out of the New England Patriots’ facility when he showed up to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro on Thursday, the Boston Herald reports.

According to The Herald, Hernandez was allowed inside the building when he showed up for a workout on Thursday, but staff members were waiting for him and instructed him to leave.

Hernandez is currently being investigated in the murder case of Odin Lloyd, a friend who was found dead on Monday about a mile from the Patriots tight end’s North Attleboro, Mass., home.

The Herald also reported that Hernandez and Lloyd sat at a roped-off VIP table at Rumor nightclub in Boston last Friday. A previous report said Hernandez was with Lloyd and two others at a bar the night of the murder, and that he was driving a vehicle containing Lloyd and two others that returned without Lloyd.

Hernandez has not been arrested yet in connection with the case, but a report said one was forthcoming. Hernandez also reportedly is acting like he has something to hide; he supposedly destroyed his cell phone and home security system.

Hernandez was said to be uncooperative with police at first, but that may no longer be the case. The Patriots tight end reportedly is being represented legally by attorneys from Ropes & Gray.

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Aaron Hernandez’s neighbors reportedly heard gunshots morning of murder

Aaron Hernandez PatriotsAaron Hernandez has not been arrested or charged of a crime in the murder case of Odin Lloyd, but it seems like one or the other has to be coming based on some of the information that is circulating.

The latest report says that Hernandez’s neighbors heard gunshots within minutes of Hernandez and two others walking into the New England Patriots tight end’s home. FOX 25 in Boston says there is video evidence of Hernandez and two other men wearing hooded sweatshirts walking into Hernandez’s home within minutes of neighbors hearing gunshots. FOX 25 reports that the gunshots were heard between 3 and 3:30 a.m. on Monday morning, but the neighbors did not immediately report it to police.

FOX 25 also added another new detail to the story.

Hernandez reportedly was seen at Lloyd’s home in Dorchester, Mass., about an hour before he walked into his home.

Previous reports said that Hernandez was heavily connected to the murder case. He reportedly was the driver of a car where Lloyd and two others were passengers, and the group reportedly returned without Lloyd. Now we’re hearing about him being at Lloyd’s home the morning of the murder, and about neighbors hearing gunshots that morning.

Oh yeah, and then Hernandez destroyed his cell phone and hard drive for his home security system. If he doesn’t have anything to hide, he sure is going about it in the wrong way.

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Aaron Hernandez reportedly destroyed home security system, cell phone

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez truly is looking worse by the minute, as the reports of his potential involvement with the murder of Odin Lloyd continue rolling in at a furious pace. Police have already searched the New England Patriots tight end’s home in North Attleboro, Mass., but authorities are reportedly planning to return on Thursday with another warrant based on evidence that Hernandez destroyed his home security system.

According to ABC News, an investigator and law enforcement sources have confirmed that Hernandez’s home security system — which included video surveillance — has been intentionally destroyed. His attorneys also reportedly handed over a cell phone to authorities that was “in pieces.”

It gets worse. Police are also reportedly interested in finding out why a cleaning crew was hired on Monday to scrub Hernandez’s $1.3 million home.

Of course, there could be a logical explanation for this series of coincidences. Hernandez could have smashed his cell phone after he got into an argument with his girlfriend. The security system may not have worked properly so he became so frustrated he decided to destroy it. As for the scrubbing of the house, well, NFL players in their mid-20s tend not to be very neat.

Let’s recap. Since Tuesday, Hernandez went from being questioned in a murder investigation but not a suspect, to not being ruled out as a suspect, to having been with the victim the night of the murder, to multiple reports that he is expected to be arrested in connection with the investigation. Now, he has allegedly destroyed potential evidence. Other than that, there has been very little excitement in the life of Aaron Hernandez over the past few days.

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Aaron Hernandez to reportedly be arrested in connection with Odin Lloyd murder

Aaron Hernandez PatriotsRoughly 12 hours after a plethora of new information surfaced regarding Aaron Hernandez’s potential involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd, a report from Boston.com’s Steve Silva has cited a law enforcement source who claims Hernandez is going to be arrested.

Most people saw this coming. On Wednesday night, a report from FOX 25 Boston’s Ted Daniel heavily implicated Hernandez in saying that he was allegedly at a bar with Lloyd and two others the night Lloyd was murdered. A source said Hernandez, Lloyd and two others were riding in a vehicle that night and that only three of them returned to Hernandez’s house. One of them was not Lloyd.

A law source also placed Hernandez and the victim together in two separate locations and other sources say Lloyd sent a text message to a friend that included a reference to the New England Patriots tight end.

News helicopters followed Hernandez from his home to Gillette Stadium on Thursday morning.

The more information that comes out, the worse it gets for Hernandez. Whether he pulled the trigger or not, it is certainly starting to seem like he was in some way involved with the murder. And if he was, you have to wonder how someone with so much going for them could be so incredibly stupid.

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Report: Aaron Hernandez drove car with Odin Lloyd in it, returned without Lloyd

Aaron HernandezA new report from Boston FOX 25 Boston reporter Ted Daniel heavily implicates Aaron Hernandez in the homicide case of Odin Lloyd.

The New England Patriots tight end reportedly had been uncooperative with the investigation into the homicide of Lloyd, whose body was found on Monday around a mile from Hernandez’s home. Hernandez has not been named as a suspect nor ruled out as a suspect, according to various reports. But Daniel reports some information that makes it seem like Hernandez was somehow involved or connected to the murder.

According to Daniels, Hernandez, Lloyd, and two others were at a bar the night of the homicide. At some point they left the bar, which reportedly was confirmed via text message sent by Lloyd to a friend. Daniels does not know what happened after that, but his source told him three men returned to Hernandez’s home without Lloyd.

Here’s what Daniel reported on Twitter Wednesday:

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Aaron Hernandez reportedly questioned by police in homicide probe

Aaron-Hernandez-PatriotsWith Rob Gronkowski having undergone back surgery on Tuesday, the last thing the New England Patriots need is to lose fellow tight end Aaron Hernandez. That is why Pats fans will likely hold their collective breath when they hear that Hernandez is reportedly being questioned by police in connection with a homicide that may have taken place near his home.

Two police officers were parked outside Hernandez’s home in North Attleboro, Mass. for most of the day on Tuesday. According to The Sun Chronicle of Attleboro, via SI.com, a vehicle rented in Hernandez’s name has emerged as a key piece of evidence in the case. Police are interested in questioning the 23-year-old tight end and may ask to search his home.

On Monday, a jogger found the body of a 27-year-old Boston man in a clearing in North Attleboro less than a mile from Hernandez’s home. Police have reportedly identified a 2013 Chevy Suburban rental car with Rhode Island license plates that is tied to Hernandez’s name and possibly connected to the murder. Investigators are reportedly hoping to analyze the Enterpise rental for fingerprints.

A Sports Illustrated source confirmed that Hernandez has spoken to authorities in connection with the case, but specified that he is not believed to be a murder suspect.

While little is known about the case and there is absolutely no reason to speculate that Hernandez is guilty of anything, it’s always concerning to hear that a player’s name is tied with a murder investigation. If nothing else, having his name involved with a situation like this could present a distraction for Hernandez and the Patriots.

UPDATE (8:34 p.m.): ABC News has reported that police have indeed conducted a search of Hernandez’s home, though two sources say he was being “uncooperative” with police since the body of the 27-year-old man was found. Two of Hernandez’s friends also reportedly tried to leave his house at the time of the search but were stopped by police at the end of the driveway.

Hernandez is still not considered to be a suspect in the potential murder, but it’s never good to hear the word “uncooperative” when dealing with a homicide investigation.

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