Jail not concerned Aaron Hernandez’s tattoos are gang-related

Aaron HernandezWhen Aaron Hernandez was taken into custody last week, there was some concern that his tattoos might put him at jeopardy in jail. Officials planned to examine Hernandez’s tattoos for possible gang ties to determine where they should place him within the facility. Apparently they have determined that concerns about Hernandez’s gang affiliations were overblown.

ESPN’s Bob Holtzman reported on Monday that jail officials say Hernandez has acclimated well to jail. He also says that the jail’s gang unit analyzed Hernandez through an interview and look at his tattoos and are “not as concerned about gang affiliation” as they were initially.

[Photo: Examining Aaron Hernandez’s ‘blood’ tattoo on his right hand]

TMZ reported on Monday that Hernandez underwent an evaluation and the jail decided to place him in an isolated cell away from the general population to protect him from potential harm.

Hernandez is being held at the Bristol County House of Corrections in North Dartmouth, Mass., as he faces first-degree murder charges for the killing of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd. Prosecutors have alleged that Hernandez orchestrated the murder of Lloyd. Hernandez is also facing five other charges.

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The two men Hernandez allegedly texted to return to Massachusetts the night Lloyd was killed are also believed to be in custody. Those two men — Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace — are also facing charges.

A report published over the weekend suggested that Hernandez may have murdered Lloyd over drugs and other secrets the 27-year-old knew about the tight end. Hernandez was released by the New England Patriots the morning he was arrested last week. The team reportedly did not know that Hernandez was going to be facing murder charges when they released him.

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Aaron Hernandez’s name reportedly sparks diner brawl, possibly involving brother DJ Hernandez

Aaron HernandezThree men were arrested early Saturday morning at a West Hartford, Conn. diner following a fight that reportedly involved Aaron Hernandez’s name. According to the Hartford Courant, police say the fight broke out after someone shouted out Hernandez’s name when they saw a person they thought looked like the former New England Patriots tight end.

“It was determined that the fight started over a mistaken identity; someone thought they had seen Aaron Hernandez and shouted out ‘Hey, Aaron Hernandez,’” police wrote in a press release.

The victim of the mistaken identity may have been Aaron’s brother DJ Hernandez, though he was not one of the three men arrested after the scrum. Alberto Lopez, 30, Jesus Agosto, 36 and Thomas Miller, 30, were all arrested and charged with third-degree assault, breach of peace and third-degree criminal mischief.

Police say Lopez and Miller told them that they had been sitting at a table with DJ Hernandez when someone yelled Aaron Hernandez’s name. The person who yelled Aaron’s name was allegedly told to shut up, which is when the fight broke out. A woman who was sitting nearby was punched in the face and pushed to the ground during the melee.

DJ Hernandez is a former quarterback and captain at the University of Connecticut. He is now an assistant coach at Iowa State. Police added that they “have no idea” if DJ was in the restaurant before or during the fight, because he was not there when they arrived at the scene.

You have to feel sorry for DJ, whether he was at the diner over the weekend or not. We can only imagine how difficult it would be to be the brother of an NFL player who has found himself at the center of multiple murder investigations.

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Aaron Hernandez jerseys have suddenly become collector’s items

Aaron-hernandez-jerseysAs far as the New England Patriots are concerned, Aaron Hernandez jerseys are worthless. Any fan who owns a No. 81 Hernandez jersey that was purchased through the team’s official proshop is welcome to exchange it for another jersey this weekend at no cost. However, you might be better off selling it on eBay.

According to the Boston Globe, Hernandez jerseys are currently selling for big money on the internet. Patriots fan John Lamothe threw his No. 81 jersey on eBay last week and watched it fetch $289. Another fan, Lynn L’Heureux, paid $100 for a Hernandez jersey before the murder charge and watched the eBay bidding climb to $127 over the weekend — before the auction even ended.

“I can’t think of any reason why people would want it,” L’Heureux said, via Pro Football Talk. “They might think it will go up in value later on, and maybe it will, but I’m not interested. I just don’t want it in my possession. I want to use the money to buy a jersey that reflects my pride in the Patriots.”

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There are a number of other jerseys currently for sale on eBay that are going for upwards of $100 and $200. Standard Nike game jerseys go for around $100 at the Patriots Proshop while authentic jerseys go for about $250, so folks are clearly turning a profit by auctioning off their Hernandez jerseys.

If the moral issue of making a profit off an alleged murderer’s jersey doesn’t bother you, I’d recommend selling your Hernandez jersey on eBay rather than trading it into the Patriots. With the way things are going, you’ll get enough money to buy a new jersey and pocket some cash.

Patriots claim they had ‘no knowledge’ of Aaron Hernandez murder charge

Aaron Hernandez PatriotsAaron Hernandez was released by the New England Patriots less than two hours after he was arrested last Wednesday. Considering law enforcement officials opted not to reveal the charges against Hernandez until his arraignment several hours later, we were left to assume that the team knew something we didn’t. Otherwise, would they have acted so quickly?

According to one of the Boston Globe’s Patriots sources, they would have. On Friday, a high-ranking Patriots executive reportedly told the Globe that the team had no knowledge of Hernandez’s murder charge before cutting him. Apparently the exact charge was irrelevant once it became clear the 23-year-old was arrested in connection with a murder.

“Did it matter to us? No,” the source said. “We were not going to have somebody on the team that’s close to a murder.”

The executive added that Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and others decided the previous week — when Hernandez’s name first surfaced in the murder investigation — that they were going to cut ties with the tight end if he was arrested regardless of the charge. The source also claimed several people in the New England front office expected Hernandez to be charged with obstruction of justice and were “taken aback” by the first-degree murder charge.

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As for Hernandez’s contract, the Patriots have voided all of the $5.91 million he was still owed in guaranteed money. Many have speculated that Hernandez will be able to collect some money because of language in his contract, but the team feels it is protected. And if not, they’ll likely make him sue for the money.

“(The contract) was guaranteed for skill and injury, but it wasn’t guaranteed for personal conduct that cast the club in a negative light, and that’s why we cut him,” the executive said. “We know the CBA. We are well within our rights.”

As we have seen, the Patriots have moved quickly to distance themselves from Hernandez, scrubbing him from their statistical existence and offering free exchanges on any of his jerseys. From the sound of it, they were planning to do all that even if he wasn’t charged with murder.

Police reportedly think Aaron Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd over drugs, secrets

Aaron HernandezA number of theories have been floated around as to why Aaron Hernandez may have murdered Odin Lloyd, with two of the most popular ones having to do with trust issues and drugs. According to one report, both may have been a factor.

On Sunday morning, TMZ reported that law enforcement officials believe they have uncovered enough evidence to indicate that Lloyd “mouthed off” to Hernandez about secrets the former New England Patriots tight end had told him in the past. The “secrets” Lloyd allegedly threw in his face may have had to do with Hernandez’s involvement in drugs and several violent incidents.

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TMZ’s law enforcement sources added that they do not believe Lloyd tried to extort Hernandez, but that the 23-year-old went “ballistic” after Lloyd started threatening him with information that Hernandez felt could destroy his relationship with the Patriots and his fiancee.

The part about Lloyd having information about violent crimes involving Hernandez is consistent with the theory that Lloyd may have known about Hernandez’s potential involvement in a double murder that took place in Boston last July. Speaking in street terms, there is a growing belief that Hernandez killed Lloyd because he was a loose end.

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Families of double murder victims say they did not know Aaron Hernandez

Aaron HernandezIn addition to awaiting trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd, Aaron Hernandez is also being investigated for his potential involvement in a double murder that took place in Boston last July. The victims in that incident, 28-year-old Safiro Teixeira Furtado and 29-year-old Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu, were shot and killed while they waited in a car at a red light. But what tie did they have to Hernandez?

According to their families, the victims did not know the former New England Patriots tight end. Jose Centeio, Furtado’s cousin and both of the victims’ boss at a cleaning business, told the Boston Herald the crime must not have been planned.

“Whatever they got caught up with, it’s something that just happened at the moment,” Centeio said. “That’s the sad thing about it.”

Another cousin of Furtado, who chose to remain anonymous, agreed that there is no way Furtado was connected with anyone in Hernandez’s circle.

“Hernandez is a multimillionaire,” the cousin said. “It’s a different life.”

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At this point, it is unclear whether Hernandez was involved in the 2012 murders or how he may have known the victims and suspects in either case. You always have to consider the possibility that the families of the victims don’t have all the appropriate information, but Centeio spoke with certainty that his slain cousin had no association with Hernandez.

“They don’t have any association with wrongdoing,” he said. “Every family member is anxious to get some kind of closure.”

On Friday, a silver SUV with Rhode Island plates that may have been connected to the 2012 double murder was seized from Hernandez’s uncle’s home. We expect more details to surface in the coming days.

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Patriots’ sportsbook odds have worsened because of Aaron Hernandez

Aaron HernandezIf you think that the New England Patriots will not be worse off this season despite releasing Aaron Hernandez because of the murder charges he is facing, I’d like to introduce you to some experts who feel otherwise.

According to RJ Bell of Pregame.com, the Patriots’ odds to win the Super Bowl have slightly decreased in recent weeks — they are now 8:1 instead of 7:1. The Pats are also favored by fewer points for their first two games of the season than they were before the Hernandez news. Per Bell, the Las Vegas Hilton dropped the Pats from 7.5 favorites to 7-point favorites at the Buffalo Bills in Week 1. They also dropped from 12-point favorites to -10 against the New York Jets in Week 2.

Bell says Hernandez’s difference-making ability on the field is not really what accounts for the change, but rather the distraction he has caused through his alleged crimes coupled with the Patriots’ lack of depth at tight end.

Bell says that a good but not great player like Hernandez has a borderline “zero effect” on the point spread, “but additional factors – including the scandal’s distraction for the team, plus thinness at tight end due to Gronkowski’s injury, results in a modest downgrade of the Patriots by Las Vegas.”

The Patriots’ are favored by less in their first two games because Rob Gronkowski is expected to be out those weeks, and the dropoff from Gronk and Hernandez to the team’s third and fourth tight ends is significant. This tells us what we already know — without Hernandez, the Patriots need Gronkowski healthy.