Matt Light: I never believed in anything Aaron Hernandez stood for

Aaron HernandezFormer New England Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light was one of the most well-liked players in the NFL during his 11-year career. He may have gotten some grief for dancing shirtless with Rob Gronkowski after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl in 2012, but Light has never been one to bash another player or make controversial remarks.

On Wednesday, Tom Archdeacon of the Dayton Daily News wrote that he has known Light for a very long time and has never heard him “speak ill” of another player. When speaking to him on Tuesday — a day before Aaron Hernandez was even arrested — Archdeacon asked Light about his former teammate.

But Tuesday when I asked the former New England Patriot star tackle about his old teammate – tight end Aaron Hernandez – his easy smile quickly vanished and he went silent for several seconds as he decided what, if anything, he would say.

‘I never talk about other guys, but I will say I have never embraced – never believed in – anything Aaron Hernandez stood for,’ Light finally said.

The recently-retired Light – who won three Super Bowl rings and went to four Pro Bowls in his 11 year career – insinuated that Hernandez, with whom he played alongside for two years, has always had his own agenda – and it wasn’t a good one.”

Again, Light made his comments before Hernandez was arrested and charged with murder. The players currently on the Patriots roster will be under strict orders to not speak to the media about Hernandez, but I’m sure many of them would agree with Light. Even Hernandez’s former coaches at Florida said he spent more time with his friends from home than his teammates, and there have always been questions about who he associates with.

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If Hernandez did indeed have gang ties as was recently reported, some of his teammates probably would have been aware or had a hunch. The question becomes why would the Patriots sign him to a $40 million extension if players like Light sensed he was bad news. Then again, bad news could mean staying out late and partying too much. No one could have anticipated a murder trial.

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Aaron Hernandez reportedly had gang ties, feared for his life

Aaron Hernandez PatriotsAaron Hernandez has been sent to Bristol County House of Corrections, where he is currently being held without bail after being charged with murder on Wednesday. After Hernandez arrived, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson spoke to the media about the facility’s screening process, which he said involves figuring out if an inmate has any gang ties before placing them in a cell alone or with a bunkmate.

According to TMZ, Hernandez does have connections to gang members from his home town of Bristol, Conn. The former New England Patriots tight end reportedly joined a gang when he was a teenager and has been trying to distance himself from the members after signing a $40 million contract extension, but he was not completely successful.

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TMZ sources said that people in the gangster world felt Hernandez owed them something, but that it was more about time and respect than money. The 23-year-old allegedly feared that people he used to associate with were trying to kill him in the months leading up to the murder of Odin Lloyd. It is not known whether he felt that way about rivals or friends who he “betrayed.”

As the story continues to unfold, I’m sure we will be getting a much clearer picture of why Hernandez was involved in the case — regardless of if he pulled the trigger or not. Hernandez has a tattoo on his right hand that has led to speculation about gang involvement. It’s impossible to believe he allegedly killed a man simply because he didn’t like the people he was talking to. There has to be more to it than that.

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Examining Aaron Hernandez’s ‘blood’ tattoo on his right hand

Aaron Hernandez blood tattoo

Aaron Hernandez has a tattoo on his right hand that has the word “blood” written in red ink, and the tat was frequently discussed Wednesday in the context of the tight end’s arrest and first-degree murder charge.

Some wondered if “blood” meant Hernandez was part of the widely known gang. Others felt it was an ominous symbol that Hernandez literally has “blood” written on his hands, and figuratively may have blood on his hands from the alleged killing.

I think you can strike the former theory for a few reasons. One, it looks like “blood” is part of a longer phrase tattooed on his hand, which I’m guessing is blood, sweat and tears. You can see what looks like an “S” and “W” just after “blood.” Secondly, if you’re actually a member of the Bloods, you wouldn’t get a tattoo that says “blood,” unless the name of your specific gang has the word “Blood” in it. You would probably get one with the number “5” or the letter “P,” like this guy; or you would get one with a bunch of stars, like this guy.

There were some reports that Hernandez had friends with gang ties, but those have been unconfirmed (update on this – see below). We don’t know what kinds of activities Hernandez was doing away from the football field but, based on what has emerged the past few weeks, most of it seems unsavory.

UPDATE: Hernandez reportedly joined the Bristol Bloods gang as a teenager, so it’s possible the tattoo is related to his alleged Bristol Bloods ties.

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Girls of Twitter think Aaron Hernandez is hot and sexy despite murder charges

Aaron HernandezThe priorities of some American females were seriously in question on Wednesday. Even though Aaron Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder, there were still plenty of women/girls out there raving about his looks. They were calling him “hot,” “sexy,” and “fine,” and one even said the murder charge made the football player even sexier. Someone get that woman some help.

Anyhow, to break down this series of disturbing tweets, we have grouped them into different categories.

    - Hernandez is too hot to be guilty of murder or in jail
    – Girls unapologetic about pointing out Hernandez’s hotness
    – Willing to overlook his crimes and procreate with him because he is so hot
    – Concerned Hernandez’s good looks could put him at risk in jail
    – Think the murder makes him even hotter

All the women who think Hernandez is too hot to be guilty or in jail:

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Odin Lloyd allegedly texted his sister he was with NFL player minutes before murder

Aaron Hernandez gun

27-year-old Odin Lloyd was murdered last week, and former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the case on Wednesday.

The two men were said to be friends — Lloyd was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee — and prosecutors allege that Hernandez was upset with Lloyd over some things, including that he spoke with some people with whom Hernandez had troubles.

So far, only Hernandez has been arrested in the case even though two others allegedly were with him in a car just before Lloyd was murdered. Statements from the prosecutor indicate that Hernandez was with Lloyd around the time the semi-pro football player was murdered.

According to the prosecutor, Hernandez texted two friends and told them to hurry back to Massachusetts that night. The three men allegedly picked up Lloyd around 2:30 a.m. on Monday.

Lloyd may have grown nervous while they were driving around in the car. He supposedly sent text messages to his sister hinting that he was with an NFL player.

“Did you see who I am with?” Lloyd supposedly texted to his sister.

When she asked who, Lloyd answered, at 3:22 a.m., “NFL,” then, a minute later, “Just so you know,” according to ESPN.

Prosecutors allege that minutes later, workers at an industrial park heard gunshots.

Hernandez was denied bail.

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Aaron Hernandez jerseys removed from Patriots, NFL shop

Aaron Hernandez jersey

The New England Patriots wasted no time distancing themselves from Aaron Hernandez after the tight end was arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday. Less than two hours after the arrest, the Pats announced they released Hernandez. They have continued to cut ties from Hernandez as he faces serious charges.

Hernandez’s jersey is no longer being advertised for sale at the Patriots’ Proshop online. A search for “Hernandez” in the pro shop returned no results.

Aaron Hernandez Patriots Pro Shop

You can find Tim Tebow, Stevan Ridley, Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady and Danny Amendola jerseys for sale. Even Danny Woodhead, Wes Welker, and Deion Branch jerseys are available, though those are being sold at discounted prices.

The jerseys have been removed from NFLShop.com.

“We decided it was the appropriate step to take,” an NFL spokesman told USA Today.

Is the team and league acting in this manner because they have more information about the investigation than the public? Regardless, it seems like they are handling the situation appropriately given the severity of the charges.

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Aaron Hernandez charged with murder

Aaron HernandezFormer New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Odin Lloyd and five other firearm-related charges in Attleboro District Court on Wednesday afternoon. He pleaded not guilty to all six charges.

The prosecution revealed details of the investigation during the arraignment. The key takeaway from the arraignment was the prosecution’s assertion that Hernandez “orchestrated Lloyd’s execution.”

One of the more shocking details alleged that Hernandez’s own surveillance camera showed him walking around his house with a gun after the murder. A shell casing was also reportedly found in Hernandez’s rental car that matched shell casings found at the scene.

The prosecution also said that Hernandez and Lloyd got into a car together at 2:32 a.m. the morning of the murder. Surveillance cameras and a witness allegedly placed them there. Hernandez was reportedly angry with Lloyd after an incident that took place at a nightclub on Friday night.

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At 3:07 a.m. on the night he was killed, Lloyd reportedly sent a text message to his sister asking, “You know who I’m with?” He then followed up with another message at 3:23 a.m that read “NFL…just so you know.” It was reported last week that Hernandez’s neighbors heard gunshots at some point between 3:00 a.m and 3:30 a.m.

Police also claim to have surveillance video of Hernandez, while holding a firearm, saying he can’t trust anyone anymore. Lloyd is believed to have been speaking to one or more people at the nightclub that Hernandez did not like the previous Friday.

The prosecution also alleged that Hernandez drove home after Lloyd was killed, entered his house with a gun and then disposed of the gun. They say he then proceeded to disconnect his surveillance camera, which was not in operation for six to eight hours after the murder was committed. Hernandez exchanged his rental car for another vehicle the next day.

Despite Hernandez’s attorney’s attempt to convince the judge that the case was “weak” and the evidence “circumstantial,” the court ruled that he be held without bail pending further proceedings.

If the evidence presented by the prosecution holds up, Hernandez might as well have been filming a documentary of the murder.

Aaron Hernandez murder investigation timeline:
Hernandez is questioned in connection with murder
Reports say Hernandez drove car with Odin Lloyd in it night he was murdered
Hernandez reportedly destroys his home security system and cell phone
Hernandez’s neighbors say they heard gunshots morning of murder
Hernandez gets banned from Patriots’ facility
Patriots release Hernandez following arrest