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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Aaron Rodgers

NFL Shop advertises Aaron Rodgers jersey as ‘Rogers’ (Picture)

With Peyton Manning having changed teams for the first time in his career and now a member of the Broncos, it was no surprise to hear on Tuesday that he currently has the NFL’s top-selling jersey. Tim Tebow’s Jets jersey came in just behind Manning with Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Eli Manning rounding…Read More

Aaron Rodgers talks about what he looks for in a center’s butt

If a center knows how to snap the ball and block, he’s probably a good center, right? Maybe not. As Aaron Rodgers shared with us during a recent interview, there’s a certain comfort level a quarterback has to establish with his center’s rear end. That’s right, his buttocks. We’ll let Rodgers take it from here. “There’s…Read More

Aaron Ross will miss some offseason workouts to watch wife in Olympics

When offseason workouts are underway across the NFL this summer, a number of players will be absent for various reasons. Some will be nursing injuries while others will be tied up in contract disputes. Aaron Ross, however, may have the most unique excuse in the league. According to the NY Daily News, the Jaguars have…Read More

Aaron Rodgers celebrates Ryan Braun winning appeal, tells MLB to eat crow

Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun have a lot in common and have formed a strong friendship because of their similarities. Both men are talented yet cocky athletes from California now winning MVPs for Wisconsin teams. Rodgers has called Braun his best athlete friend, and Braun has done Rodgers’ championship belt celebration after getting a hit…Read More

Aaron Rodgers says Giants faked ‘phantom’ injuries against Packers

Note to Aaron Rodgers: losing is hard. It’s hard for every player in the NFL an can be particularly difficult for quarterbacks. After following up his Super Bowl-MVP performance with a 15-1 season, Rodgers was understandably disappointed when the Packers were demolished by the Giants at Lambeau Field in the divisional round of the playoffs….Read More

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