Desmond Jennings scores from second on sac fly after Adam Eaton’s great catch (Video)

Adam-Eaton-catchThe Tampa Bay Rays and Chicago White Sox combined for a fantastic all-around play on Monday night. With nobody out in the top of the first inning, Demond Jennings scored from second on a sacrifice fly. He would not have been able to do so without a great catch by White Sox center fielder Adam Eaton.

Matt Joyce hit a fly ball a long way to center field that looked like it had a chance to leave the park, but Eaton was able to make a leaping catch at the wall to avoid giving up extra bases. To Jennings’ credit, he was thinking two bases the entire time and never hesitated after the catch took Eaton to the ground.

It was the type of rare play that makes both managers smile. The White Sox went on to win 7-3, so Eaton being able to get the first out and prevent what could have been a huge inning was important. Round of applause all around.

Diamondbacks’ Adam Eaton received over $120,000 in checks that were intended for former Phillies pitcher Adam Eaton

Sometimes baseball players make so much money that even the people delivering the checks don’t know what to do with them. At age 23, Diamondbacks outfield prospect Adam Eaton is not yet raking in the big bucks — by baseball standards of course. Since he has yet to play beyond Double-A, you can understand why Eaton was surprised when he received an envelope from the MLB Players Association that contained six checks — each worth more than $20,000.

“(Teammate Cody Ransom) was like, ‘Those aren’t yours,’” Eaton recalled when speaking to the Arizona Republic. “I’m like, ‘What do you mean they aren’t mine? They’re in my name.’ He goes, ‘That’s the other Adam Eaton. Do you live there?’ It had the address on the front. ‘No.’ I go, ‘Do I have to give them back?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. You have to give them back.’ I thought it over and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve got to give them back.’”

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