Adam Jones drops fly ball in center (Video)

Adam Jones drops ballAdam Jones is beginning to develop a reputation for missing fly balls in the outfield. On Friday, his error cost the Baltimore Orioles three runs against the New York Yankees.

Vernon Wells was up with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the 7th and the game tied at two. Wells drilled a 93 mph fastball to center, and Jones went back to track it down. He was at the warning track when he reached up to make the catch, but the ball dropped out of his glove. The runners were moving on contact and all three scored to give the Yankees a 5-2 lead.

Jones, you may recall, cost the Orioles a run in the ALDS last year against the Yankees by misplaying a fly ball in center. This time he was right there under the ball and just dropped it — and of course he was blowing a bubble with his gum. Yes, this is the same guy who won the AL Gold Glove in center field over Mike Trout. Robbery.

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Adam Jones was blowing a bubble while a ball went over his head (Video)

Adam Jones can hit like an All-Star, but his multi-tasking skills might need some work.

The Orioles center fielder was seen blowing a bubble with his gum while trying to track a fly ball off the bat of Derek Jeter during Game 3 of the ALDS between the Yankees and Orioles on Wednesday.

Jones got a bad jump on the ball and did not start going back for it immediately. Not only that, but the bubble-blowing gave off the appearance that he wasn’t giving max effort.

The ball ended up going over his head for a run-scoring triple to tie the game at one. With the Yankees tying the game in the 9th on Raul Ibanez’s pinch-hit solo home run and losing on his homer in the 12th, there is little doubt that play turned out to be costly. Had he caught it, that would have ended the inning.

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Adam Jones, Jason Heyward to wear special cleats on Jackie Robinson Day

Jackie Robinson Day will be celebrated throughout the majors on Sunday, and two young African-American outfielders have a special tribute planned. Adam Jones of the Orioles and Jason Heyward of the Braves are two of the players to wear the cleats pictured above to honor the man who broke MLB’s color barrier. FOX’s Ken Rosenthal says Curtis Granderson will also wear special cleats. Granderson’s cleats will be auctioned with the proceeds going to the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Heyward tweeted that the cleats are the Nike Griffey Jr. Swingman model spikes. He also noted that the color is light blue and yellow in honor of Robinson’s alma mater, UCLA.

Heyward called wearing the cleats an “honor and a pleasure,” while Jones termed it “a true honor.”

We’ve been upset with clothing companies in the past for using sensitive holidays to try and market new shoes, but there’s nothing not to like about this. This is an awesome tribute to Jackie Robinson.

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Adam Jones thinks Kevin Youkilis’ injury was big reason for September collapse

The Red Sox’s spectacular September collapse last season just isn’t going to go away, and this time it’s Orioles outfielder Adam Jones giving his two cents.

Jones, whose Orioles capped the Sox’s downfall with a walk-off win on the last day of the season, thinks that Kevin Youkilis‘ absence for the final 13 games of the season was something Boston wasn’t able to adjust to.

“You had a lineup with (Jacoby) Ellsbury, (Dustin) Pedroia, (Adrian) Gonzalez, Youk and Big Papi (David Ortiz) that played every single day. Now you mess with it, and it throws off your offense a little bit,” Jones told the Boston Herald. “You’ve got a big hole at fourth. A .300 hitter, 30 (homer), 100 (RBI) guy, who’s going to replace that? There isn’t anyone.”

Youkilis was lost after Sept. 15 due to several injuries, notably a sports hernia for which he needed offseason surgery. With Youkilis missing, it left Gonzalez virtually unprotected in the lineup.

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