Dan Patrick got his start with Adam Sandler thanks to Keith Olbermann error

Dan Patrick Just Go With ItAs you well know, last month LB went out to Milford, Conn., for a trip to “The Dan Patrick Show” to interview Dan Patrick as part of a collaboration with Ram Trucks. We solicited questions from you here on the site, on Facebook and Twitter to ask Dan during the interview.

One of the popular questions was how Patrick’s relationship with Adam Sandler came about. Patrick has had significant roles in numerous Sandler movies over the past 10 years, so we wanted to know how it all happened.

We came to find out that Patrick got his start with Sandler thanks to Keith Olbermann. Watch the video above to learn the full story.

We’ll be rolling out videos all week from the interview, so make sure you check back each day this week for new ones!

Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler walk out on Lakers (Video)

jack nicholson wavesHow bad are the Los Angeles Lakers? So bad that actor Jack Nicholson decided to walk out of a game with over seven minutes left.

Nicholson is one of the franchise’s most notable fans. He has been a Lakers season ticket holder since 1970 and a fixture sitting courtside at the team’s home games for years.

On Friday night, he appeared to be so disgusted with the Lakers’ play that he left the game with the team down 103-81 and 7:31 remaining. But that’s not all — Nicholson also took actor Adam Sandler with him.

The Lakers lost 116-101 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. They have now lost six in a row and are 15-21.

On the bright side, at least Nicholson wasn’t caught sleeping during the game this time.

Video via CJ Fogler

Rex Ryan Will Play Patriots Fan in Upcoming Adam Sandler Movie

Jets head coach Rex Ryan will play the role of a Patriots fan in an upcoming Adam Sandler movie due out next summer, the actor/producer/comedian revealed on the Rich Eisen Podcast Thursday. Sandler, who is a Jets fan, says he wrote the role before deciding to cast Ryan for the part.

“He’s my lawyer,” Sandler told Eisen. “My character [in the movie] is kind of a dirtbag guy and he’s in trouble. Rex is an inexpensive lawyer in town. He takes care of me. He’s also a mammoth Patriots fan in the movie.”

Rex Ryan playing an inexpensive lawyer? The role seems to suit him.

Ryan apparently does something that might make Jets fans cringe — he praises Brady and Belichick in the movie. Praising Belichick, whom he’s called the best coach in football, is nothing new. But being complimentary of Brady, whom he’s knocked in the past, is stranger.

Sandler also denied that he had a role in Nnamdi Asomugha’s decision not to sign with the Jets saying “I don’t think I would have been the go-to guy for that.” A report said that Rex Ryan had Sandler call Nnamdi to convince him to sign in New York during free agency. Now that we know Sandler and Rex are chummy, it’s easy to believe the report.

Helmet knock to The Jets Stream for the transcription.

Rex Ryan Supposedly Had Adam Sandler Recruit Nnamdi Asomugha to Jets

When you’re trying to land the biggest free agent on the market, you’ll go to almost any length to make it happen. For the New York Jets, that means playing the celebrity card.

NFL Network host Rich Eisen passed along a nugget Friday saying Jets coach Rex Ryan had celebrity fan Adam Sandler call free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to recruit him.

Michael Lombardi, who reported the story, says Rex was trying to beat out his twin brother Rob (now the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys) to get Asomugha.

We all know how that turned out — Asomugha chose to sign with Philly instead, inking a five-year $60 million deal including $25 million guaranteed. Guess he wasn’t a big fan of Grown Ups either.